Movie tours in the heart of paris

Set in Paris offers you the chance to straddle fiction and reality – to discover where your favourite stars stayed, shopped, dined and danced the night away.

Ever watched a movie set in Paris and wished to be whisked away into that very scene?  Now you can re-live your favorite scenes…..from The Bourne Identity, Sex & the City to Ratatouille, Julie & Julia and so many more.

Celebrity gossip and hotspots also feature on tours….from where Eva Longoria got married to Ron Howard’s strange request while filming the Da Vinci Code.  Set in Paris has the scoop and insider stories as well as tour guides that have often been working on these films.

Our signature Center Stage has something for everyone – from action, comedy to cartoons and romance – you don’t have to be a movie buff to enjoy it. It provides a great overview of central paris and shows you numerous places you can choose to explore further on your own.

Set in Paris offers customisable private tours in a variety of languages.  Take a private movie tour at your convenience or we can tailor-make a tour designed to suit your movie tastes and places you wish to visit.

These tours are as much about Paris as a dynamic, beautiful city as they are about films. Paris is a magical city and you really never do know where the day will take you – what little streets you’ll find yourself meandering down, what quaint cafes, bookstores, boulangeries and museums you will come across and the people you will encounter along the way.

Let Set in Paris show you the way.

Set in Paris was founded by Abigail de Bruyne to share her excitement at discovering locations from movies & TV shows that are set in the city of Paris, France.







In Paris, you never know where the day will lead you

 Aleksandr Petrovsky, Sex & the City

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