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Like Amélie's garden gnome, our eiffel tower keyrings like to travel

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Nain-de-JardinIn a bid to cheer her father up, little Amélie sent his garden gnome all around the world.  How did she accomplish this amazing feat?  She relied on her air stewardess friend to bring him along and send postcards of his exploits back home.

These quirky postcards from far-flung exotic locations gave Amélie’s father the courage and inspiration to start his own journey.

After the movie, pictures of gnomes started popping up all over the world.   It even spawned the Garden Gnome Liberation Front, which has ‘freed’ thousand of gnomes.


Even Blu Ivy loves her Eiffel Tower keyring!

Like Amélie’s adventurous gnome, we send out our mini Eiffel Tower keychains, o you so that although you may not be able to stay in Paris, you will always have a piece of her with you.

These little souvenirs are an ode to the movie The Lavender Hill Mob with Alec Guinness, where they rob a bank and in order to smuggle to gold bullions into Paris, the gang melts them down into mini-Eiffel Tower souvenirs so that they’ll breeze past customs.

Take a creative picture in all the corners of the world of your mini Eiffel Tower and hashtag #setinparis.





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