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Set in Paris gave us an overview not only of the movie locations of the films we love, but of the architecture and feel for the city of Paris itself. It’s a great way to kick off your vacation as it sets the tone for feeling more familiar and at ease in the city. Once we did the tour we really felt like we had our bearings in this amazing city…we learned and saw much more then expected! What an amazing day…We really enjoyed all the movie locations and there are some surprises in the tour as well! Note: This is a great tour for the hard to please teenager! Thanks to Abigail and her wonderful staff.

-Mary Beth, Reading, Pennsylvania


Best tour you’ve ever done.  Seeing Jason Bourne’s appartment in real life was so cool and learning about how they created the special effects in Sherlock Holmes 2!

-Greg, London, England


Le Movie Tour is a fantastic time for anyone who enjoys movies. More than that, it’s a great way to see Paris. Skip the lines and crowds and see the best of what the city offers on a luxury bus with treats and coffee. You will learn a bit about Paris, the history of film, and be entertained by Abby and clips from movies set in the City of Lights.

– Adam, Paris, France


It’s a great tour with lost of fun facts, jokes and a beautiful way to (re)discover Paris. Being a Parisien, I was amazed at how much I learned during the tour. The ambiance was great and Abby is always cheerful. Some big plus compared to other tours: original, fun, interesting, you get to see small parts of movies shot where the tour goes…Overall, a really great way to see Paris!

-Jordan, Paris, France


<![endif]–>My mom and I loved this tour! It was such a unique way to see Paris. You get to see sights off the beaten path, not just the same tourist spots all the other tours take you. Abigail was amazing and even helped suggest other wonderful things to do during the rest of our trip.

-Hilary, Los Angeles, California


I’ve done nearly ever tour there is to see in Paris as well as nearly every site, but this beats them all! It is so unique and such a fun way to learn great things about such a beautiful city. Abigail was very knowledgeable and charismatic. I’d recommend this to anyone without hesitation!

-Anonymous Tripadvisor, Paris, France


This tour definitely surpassed how I imagined it would be like and how it could be done in every possible way. The amount of research which Abby the guide have put into piecing the tour together is amazing! It was great to be at the filming location, which makes me feel instantly like I am sharing bits and pieces of films which I like, I feel almost like I am part of the actual film. The bus was spacious and comfortable. Abby was warm and knowledgeable. And even if it is not particularly for the film theme, it’s a great and comfortable way to discover Paris!! I discovered some nice areas in Paris to explore after the tour, otherwise which I would have never went by myself. High quality tour, worth every penny. Highly recommended.

Jamie, Paris, France

My buddy and I travelled to Paris for the 3rd time for vacation. I suggested an afternoon tour of Paris and he miraculously found and booked with Set in Paris. We were blown away by our recent tour of the city of lights with this unique tour company! 3.5 hours of discovering iconic places in a luxury bus (with coffee and madelaines!). We got off to take pictures at the steps of the church in Midnight in Paris. Fun! The tour lady is incredibly knowledgeable on anything filmed in Paris. We’ll highly recommend it to locals and travelers! It was awesome.

-Mathieu, Brussels, Belgium


I have traveled to Paris a number of times and on my last trip I wanted to find a new angle to view the city. I’m not a huge tour fan so I was resistant but per a friend’s recommendation who claimed it didn’t feel like a tour and that it was more like a movie set safari, I decided to take the chance and I have no regrets. The journey around Paris was exactly what I was looking for visiting places I have been before with a new perspective and then really getting off the beaten path. It was the perfect balance and being that I’m not a total movie buff I know have several films to add to my Netflix cue.

-Amy, Nashville, Tennessee


If you have seen one movie set in Paris, or all the movies set in Paris, or if you have never been to Paris before, or you have lived in Paris for all your life… this tour still manages to show something new and unique. Abby’s knowledge extends from the history and development of cinematography in Paris, to settings of current movies, to gossip of the latest actor/actress. You are guaranteed to learn something… plus you get to see all the highlights of Paris in comfortable bus!

-F.Y., Berkeley, California


If you are looking for an excellent and original way to see the Parisian sights, mix in your love of international films and have some quality banter along the way then this tour is a ‘must do’ for you. I came to Paris from NYC where I had already been on the equivalent film tour full and was full of high expectations. What Abby has done so well with ‘Set in Paris’ is offer great insight into the making of so many great movies filmed in Paris while ensuring her light-hearted banter hits a cord with film experts as well as the novice guest. The DVD clips help to add context to the commentary and with a couple of drinks stops you will be guaranteed to leave the bus with a hand-full of new friends. A must do for all Parisian visitors!

-James, New York City



This creative and unique way of encountering one of the most beautiful cities of the world will trigger all the emotions that you might have while watching your favorite movies. It was quite an experience. And for all of those who are not so much in the movies, you will appreciate all the history and architecture that will be presented on the tour. Abigail is very friendly and easy to follow. I loved her cheerful presentations and the way she adjusted to all our demands. All the anecdotes from films sets, but also those historical, gave an additional flavor to the tour.

I got the tickets as birthday present and they were the best gift ever.

-Dax, Paris, France