Ali Akbar is so famous in the Saint-Germain quarter that 6 years ago, the town hall held a vote to choose the best personality to represent the area and the inhabitants overwhelming choose Ali, whose image you can’t miss as it now appears on a big public wall. If you’re lucky enough you might meet him in “rue du Four” or “rue des Canettes” under his portrait, doing with passion the same job he has been doing for more than 40 years now.  Solferino, Luxembourg, Saint-Michel and Saint-Germain-des-Près are the main spots where you can have a chance to meet the famous Ali AKBAR selling newspapers with happiness and joy.

He is the man with the cap and the beige parka that knows everybody around and everybody knowshim too. Where philosophers, writers and  journalists found themselves on breweries on rue de Rennes, today Ali is one of those famous men. For being the last seller at the auction, he is the voice whilst out and about in the district of St Germain, selling “Le Monde” newspaper and screaming “Ca y est, ca y est!” (Here it is, here it is!). His personality and charisma are the keys of his success, no matter the news Ali always sells his papers with a good smile and exceptional charm.

Ali was born and grew up in his native Pakistan, working since he was just 5 years old to help his family.  At the age of 18, in the face of the threats and violence, Ali was forced to flee his country one night under the cover of darkness.  After a long voyage through Greece, Afghanistan, Turkey and even China, Ali arrived in Paris.  It was here that he settled and met the Professor Choron, professor of literature who taught him how to read.  This was the turning point in his life and helped him to get his first job has a newspaper seller in Paris.


From Pakistan to Paris, Ali moved many mountains in his life and overcame misery, corruption, racism, to be where he is today. Ali highlights that he wouldn’t be where he is today is if hadn’t been for all the help he had along the way by, as he simply and eloquently puts it, ‘Humans’.  He is the embodiment of ‘making it’ and at time when we need it the most, Ali is an inspiration to all of us.


Ali AKBAR explaining how he had to leave his country for a better place to work and specially build his family and feed them. From an immigrant statut to becoming a star of the district of Saint-Germain. Mr AKBAR sold newspapers for more than 40 years now and he did it day and night. Coming out of a harsh neighborhood close to Islamabad in Rawalpindi , the first years took him time to integrate the french society but like the Hero in Slumdog Millionnaire ”Jamal”, Ali won his fight after many years of burden . AKBAR Ali as 5 children with the same wife and one of his sons studied in college and actually working in an important position. Here is a good version of integration in the french society , everything is possible with a bit faith .

“La fabuleuse histoire du vendeur de journaux”

by Ali AKBAR

Détails sur le produit:

  • Paper Backed: 256 pages
  • Editor : JC GAWSEWITCH EDITEUR (11 juin 2009)
  • Collection : Coup de gueule
  • Language : Français
  • ISBN-10: 2350131777
  • ISBN-13: 978-2350131771
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 2 x 13,5 cm

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“Je fais rire le monde…mais le monde me fait pleurer!”

by Ali AKBAR

Détails sur le produit:

  • Paper Backed: 279 pages
  • Editor : Jean-Claude Gawsewitch (24 février 2005)
  • Collection : Documents
  • Language : Français
  • ISBN-10: 2350130096
  • ISBN-13: 978-2350130095
  • Product Dimensions: 22,5 x 2,2 x 14 cm

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