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James Bond 007: Nightfire

"Bond, James Bond."


Pierce Brosnan gave his likeness for Bond in this action/adventure video game, which is full of car chases, fight scenes and jumping out of helicopters throughout Europe. The game opens in Paris with Bond attempting to stop terrorists from blowing up the Eiffel Tower with nukes.

Release Date 30 January 2003
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not rated
Starring: Maxwell Caulfield, Samantha Eggar, Kimberley Davies.

007 NightFire

This first-person shooter game entered the video game market in 2002 as a sequel to its predecessor ‘Agent Under Fire’. Don’t let the out of date graphics fool you, NightFire was popular when it first came out!



The game featured actor Pierce Brosnan as Bond, his fourth appearance in the series as the revered spy agent. NightFire opens in Paris, when Bond is chasing down a truck carrying nuclear weapons that are headed to blow up the Eiffel Tower.


Bond being Bond, he stops the truck, saves the city and the Eiffel Tower and goes on to celebrate New Years Eve. The game continues in multiple other countries including Austria, Japan and even outer space!



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