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100% Love, 0% Cotton!

19982 h 55 min

Vishu and Ramu are a pair of Indian twins living in America with their father, Rajamani. When Madhumita (Aishwarya Rai) and her brother come to America to get medical treatment for their ailing grandmother, Vishu and Ramu end up meeting them at the airport. Vishu falls in love with Madhumita, and the couple has everyone's blessing, except for Rajamani, who is estranged from his own twin brother. He only wants his sons to marry twin sisters, so Madhumita pretends to have a twin in order to please him. As Madhumita puts on a charade by creating Vaishnavi, all goes well, until Ramu falls in love with Vaishnavi. Now the truth must come out, before Madhumita has to marry both of Rajamani's twin sons.

Director S. Shankar
Runtime 2 h 55 min
Release Date 24 April 1998
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Movie Rating Not rated
Starring: Prashanth Thyagarajan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Nassar, Senthil, SVe. Sekar, Lakshmi, Radhika Sarathkumar, Raju Sundaram, Janaki Sabesh, S. N. Lakshmi, Geetha

Jeans, 100% Love & 0% Cotton

Jeans is a Tamil language movie released on April 1998. The film is a romantic comedy written and directed by S.Shankar. The movie stars Prashant Thyagarajan, a famous south Indian actor, and 1994’s Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

The movie is famous for its big budget as well as the technology used in the movie.  Until 1998, this was THE most expensive film ever to be made in India: 200,000,000 INR (Indian roupies) in the late 90s was the equivalent of just over 5 million dollars.   It was also the first time that an Indian film used split-screen technology.   As made famous by the 1961 film Parent Trap.  Haley Mills plays both roles as a set of twin girls and the editing allows her characters to interact with each other.  It wasn’t until the 90s that Tamil films caught up and started using this technology.

Then the film was dubbed in Telugu and in Hindi with the same English-language title ‘Jeans’.  Though made more famous for its sky-rocketing budget, this is a cute mix of a family comedy and a love story.   The father wants his set of twin boys to only marry a set of twin girls…which makes for some brilliant scenes.


 The Seven Wonders of the World


“Poovukkul” (in Tamil) is a song based on The Seven Wonders of the World.  As such, the song took place in the entire world from China, France, United States, India, Egypt, to Italy (which accounts for the film’s huge budget).  In France, the song was shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower and at place Trocodero.

The song is entirely dedicated to the actress Aishwarya Rai who plays the lead character. The lyrics highlight her beauty and the Seven Wonders of the World – in the song, her boyfriend even goes so far as to declare her to be the ‘Eighth’ Wonder of the World!


Watch and travel with Visu and Madhumitha !!!




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