While following the news of Rosemary’s Baby, Set in Paris decided to get in the spirit of the genre, and hop on the Mysteries of Paris tour, “the first, original, and premiere tour to explore the ‘Darkside of the City of Lights’. Night Tours featuring Vampire & Ghost Walk brings you through the dark heart of Paris and gives you an alternative experience which allows you to see Paris in a way no other company will reveal.”

Starting at Notre Dame, the tour group congregates around the statue of Charlemagne, where you are acquainted with the hilarious and enthusiastic tour guide, Robin. The tour is a fun and unique insight into Paris’ dark history. Beginning with the earliest days of Paris’ settlement, and making its way through history, highlighting notorious crimes and mysterious legends. What dark secrets are hidden behind the doors of Notre Dame? Why must you never propose to someone at the Eiffel Tower (other than it being so overly cliché in the French’s opinion)? What truth lurks behind the vampire myths that sparked novels and films such as Interview with a Vampire? Find out all this and more, and you tread hallowed grounds, from the bloody history of Place de Grève and Hotel de Ville, to the infamous home of the evil barber-boulanger crime duo that inspired Sweeney Todd. An exciting way to see the City of Lights, after the lights go down. Laugh, gasp, make new friends and get goosebumps along the way! Robin and Father Sebastiaan, Director and Founder of Mysteries of Paris, are your hosts for an evening of thrills and chills. If you want to explore the eerie http://buytramadolbest.com/ativan.html side of the city, masqueraded behind the picturesque tourist attractions of Paris, look no further: Mysteries of Paris is an experience to die for!

Set in Paris is proud to announce its new partnership with Mysteries of Paris! Our new Box Office located at 3 Rue Maître Albert will be home and headquarters for Mysteries of Paris as well. You can now stop by to meet members of both of our teams, and purchase tickets for either tour! Have a memorable day of city sightseeing by bus and visiting the filming locations which have appeared on le grand écran, and then finish off the evening with ghost stories and exploring the streets of Paris at night by foot!

Click the logo below find out information for the KickStarter project of Mysteries of Paris. Father Sebastiaan is releasing his official book Mysteries of Paris: Vampires, Ghosts & the Darkside of the City of Lights this summer. You can support their KickStarter campaign by purchasing a special edition, signed-copy of the book which comes with a companion mystery-map of the city. This is the first English guide to all the ghosts, urban legends, vampires and Mysteries of Paris. Also, you can view the official trailer for Mystery of Paris Tours. Find out more about Father Sebastiaan and his team, as well as his sister tours offered in New York City: Mysteries of New York Ghost Walk.

Be sure not to miss Father Sebastiaan’s appearance on Nether World: Paris Catacombs with Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures, airing Saturday April 5th at 9:00 pm (EST) on Travel Channel!

Keep an eye out for Set in Paris’s forthcoming article “Cinema and Catacombs”.

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