Earlier this year, NBC studios announced that they were moving forward with their plans for Rosemary’s Baby, and began filming in none other than Paris. A remake of the 1968 horror classic of the same name, the new version will be serialized into a 4-hour mini-series television-event, and air later this year on NBC. With this extended air-time, fans of the original believe that the mini-series format will allow flexibility to draw more material from the original 1967 novel by Ira Levin, which spawned writer/director Roman Polanski’s initial film adaptation. The setting of the story has moved from the eerie Dakota Building in New York City to Paris. There has been a lot of online debate over this change of setting, as many fans do not believe that Paris has what it takes for this diabolical story to unfold; while others take the offense and argue that, with the right direction, Paris can be viewed through a very haunting lens, and the French language barrier between the American leading lady and her new neighbors can most certainly resonate with the novel and original film adaption, maintaining the tone of grave isolation that is so characteristic to this story.

Actress Zoe Saldana will play the title role, which garnered Mia Farrow critical claim in the 1968 original, a role played with exhausting excellence at the onset of her acting career.

Parisians and tourists were able to catch the first glimpses of filming back in January, when Saldana and the crew were spotted with cameras rolling at Place de la Concorde in the 8th Arrondissement. More recently, progress for Rosemary’s Baby has been viewed all over the city, from Père Lachaise cemetery in the 20th Arrondissement to Île Saint-Louis right in the heart of Paris. Last week, at a café (and locale for the Set in Paris team) on a remote side street, just one street over from our office on Rue Maître Albert, filming was held. We here at Set in Paris could not pass up the opportunity to see le tournage up-close in person. Saldana and co-stars gained a bit of publicity as they filmed a sequence in the quaint café, sheltered around the corner from the bustling Notre Dame and River Seine area.

We were able to take some cool photos, see the filming crew in “action” behind the scenes, and watch Saldana give her rendition of Rosemary in the expecting mother’s early stages of naiveness and excitement, before beginning to detect her voisins’ unsettling interest for her baby. For those who have not yet read the novel, or seen the film, we will not give too much away, but we anticipate Rosemary’s Baby-à la mode parisienne to be a chilling horror event, whose on-location filming will capture a new view of the city, brimming with macabre.

*Look familiar? Scroll back up to the promotional poster. You can imagine how confused we were when we found this stranded prop while they were wrapping-up filming for the day!*

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