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Come Into the World of Yves Saint Laurent

YVES SAINT LAURENT If you’ve our Coco Chanel’s Paris, and you’re exited about our up-and-coming Style Talk… How about watching one of the best movies on French fashion ? Due to the tragic death of Yves Saint Laurent in 2008, his companion Pierre Bergé sold a nice share of their art collection. In addition, several […]


To Wine or Not to Wine?

Ever dreamed of owning your own vineyard?  Of packing it all in and getting back to basics… toiling the land (or hiring someone to), stepping out in the morning to your own magnificent view of acres of rolling land and breathing in the fresh countryside air with your dog at your side….and a beret and glass […]


Belle: a French girl in a Disney movie

Who hasn’t fallen in love with the charming village from the opening scene of the Beauty and the Beast?  This scene actually takes place in Conques, a southern French town. Belle, however, travels back in time to Paris thanks to the magical book introduced in the 2017 movie. Let’s discover Belle’s Paris!   Belle’s mother […]


Wonder Woman

Le dernier Marvel arrive dans les salles ce mois-ci !  Attention spoiler : L’américaine la plus forte de toute le temps est arrivée à Paris. Wonder Woman commence à Paris, où Diana Prince travaille au Louvre : elle y rencontre un photographe de la première guerre mondiale. Ses mémoires d’enfance en Amazonie lui reviennent alors. […]

Gabrielle Chanel

Coco Chanel’s Top Ten Favorite Places

Discover Coco Chanel’s favorite places in Paris: From her first ever store to her beloved restaurant and cafe   The 31 rue Cambon is an institution, the historic headquarters of the House of Chanel, and it has barely changed since Gabrielle Chanel died in 1971. Today, the House of Chanel owns a good part of […]


Fashion Inspiration: The Ease of a French Mariniere

Anyone can admit that for tourists and ex-pats alike, understanding and personalizing French culture can be incredibly difficult. From the language to the etiquette, it’s easy to find yourself frustrated.     Even saying hi in Paris is difficult … However, there is one aspect of the French culture that is incredibly easy to master…. […]


Alarh Perfume

Alarh is a French cosmetics and perfume manufacturer that’s been in the Thomas family for 4 generations. Noble family from Brittany on his mother’s side, from 900 BC – oldest Brittany family.    Desgrée de Haut – lesgree, base of hill from high.  Crusades, then arrived in Brittany.   1986 when created Alarh group.   […]


Imagine Air

« Petit Déjeuner à Paris » C’est quoi l’idée derrière votre marque ? « IMAGEINAIR » est un jeu de mots pour exprimer « une image dans l’air ». L’idée est que chacun laisse libre cours à son imagination et ses souvenirs lorsqu’on découvre la marque et ses parfums. IMAGEINAIR est une vraie invitation à la découverte émotionnelle et olfactive. C’est […]


Top Ten Places to Propose in Paris

She’s dreamed of this moment ever since she was a little girl…no pressure then! Whisking her off for a romantic trip to Paris with a secret mission to propose couldn’t be a better solution, but where are the best places in Paris to propose? For many, the classic spots are a great place to propose, […]

Ali Akbar

Saint Germain’s Beloved News Vendor

Ali Akbar is so famous in the Saint-Germain quarter that 6 years ago, the town hall held a vote to choose the best personality to represent the area and the inhabitants overwhelming choose Ali, whose image you can’t miss as it now appears on a big public wall. If you’re lucky enough you might meet him […]


An intimate look behind Philippe Joubert

At first glance, our heart melted and we wanted to snap up all his fantastic and original pieces of artwork.  Parisian Philippe Joubert is a young artist to keep your eye on.  His ethereal fashion designs are at times whimsical, at times bold. We just can’t get enough of his depictions of classic Parisian woman. […]


Island of Refuge

Island of Refuge – Feature Length Documentary – Extended Trailer from Zed Productions on Vimeo. “Listen to me, my family, this is very important. We are going to go through many villages, many towns, many cities and many borders. Be patient. If you see people pushing, let them push. If you see people shouting, let […]


Celebrities in Paris!

Ever wonder where your favorite stars and starlets reside in the City of Lights? Look no further! Check out the comprehensive list of American and French actors below to find out! Scarlett Johansson                     When she isn’t busy starring in Hollywood blockbusters like ‘He’s Just Not […]


Keeping up with the Kardashians in Paris

  None of us can deny that the Kardashian family and their drama that follows suit is pretty entertaining. The dynasty that includes the family’s pride and joy, Kim K, is practically American royalty. So its no surprise that they would jet to Paris for a quick R&R and what Kim calls “the best cheeseburger […]

cesar awards 2016
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“And the César 2016 goes to…”

On Friday, February 26th, the 41ème Nuit des César (the 41th edition of the annual César Awards – the French equivalent of America’s Oscars) was held at the Théâtre du Châtelet. Of course, the Set in Paris team had to go.  On this chilly night, we huddled together for warmth, waiting with baited breath, our eyes straining to see […]

joseph terrell
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Our very own modern-day Hemingway x

When I first saw him, Joseph Terrell, our very own modern-day Hemingway, was sauntering down our little medieval Paris road with a cigar hanging out of his mouth.  This silver fox was infused with an air of experience. I mean, this guy looked COOL.   This guy has seen things, lived things, knows things!   I was intrigued and […]

hunchback of notre dame gif
Culture, Icons

The Real Hunchback of Notre Dame

Uncovering the myth behind the real Quasimodo.   The name Quasimodo instantly conjures images in our minds of the lonely hunchbacked bell-ringer trapped in the beautiful Notre Dame, yet is there any truth behind the story? If there was a hunchback who lived in Notre Dame, who was he and what would his life have […]

Sex & the City
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Carrie Bradshaw’s Paris

  Miss Carrie Bradshaw is the epitome of the New York 30s-something — columnist, fashionista, girl who knows how to brunch. After six seasons centered on Miss Bradshaw’s Manhattan lifestyle, Sex and the City took a daring plunge and moved its 2004 series finale to Paris. New York may be home to Carrie’s best gal pals (and most of her shoes), […]

Les frères Lumière
Culture, Movies

Lumière Brothers

Have you been to see one of the blockbuster films shown at cinemas recently? It’s such an awesome experience with all of the new technology that allows for special effects and high-definition recording. Ever imagined what it was like to see the first film ever developed?  Set In Paris recently attended an exhibit on the […]

DISNEY villains

Have a good time with the bad guys!

We had the treat of visiting the Arludik Gallery on the first day of their exposition about Disney Villains. Running to the 30th of May 2015, the exhibit displays original artwork from the beginning stages of the creation of animated Disney films. It shows the big, the bad and the ugly villains from Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, […]

Le Manoir de Paris

There’s No Turning Back Now

  Le Manoir de Paris is the perfect destination for any fear-fanatic. If you are looking for an adrenaline-spiking Friday night activity, this is most definitely one that would interest you. I think that I can categorize people pretty easily into two groups – those that get thrill, joy, even humor out of horror films/activities, […]

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True Love Has a Color and a Name

Cartier. What better backdrop for a proposal than Paris? Exactly what the advertisement managers at Cartier had in mind when filming their most recent diamond ring advertisement released on Valentines Day 2015. Opening with a scenic view of the Eiffel tower (because of course, when filming in Paris you MUST include a shot of the […]

Man with a hat
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From Montreal to Paris: Josiane Blanc, Film Director & Tour Guide Extraodinaire

The 10 finalists will have their movie shown at the Festival International du Court-métrage de Clermont-Ferrand I’m superexcited about this blog post because it is no ordinary blog post – introducing our very own tour guide, Josiane.  Josiane is all smiles, has a knack with people and comes from a cinematographic backgound. Last summer she finally settled in […]

Movie tour Paris


  If there’s one thing that unites the 20 arrondisments of Paris, it’s cinema. To walk around the French capital is to take a trip through film old and new. Home of la nouvelle vague, it’s here, among the bridges, museums and buildings that directors such as Luis Buñuel and the great Truffaut have found […]


A Parisian ‘Perception’

Perception, a fairly new crime drama TV series by TNT, tells the story of Dr. Daniel Pierce, a schizophrenic neuropsychiatrist who finds himself constantly helping the FBI solve their most complex cases, despite him seemingly having an aversion towards the government. As a special treat, the show has decided to film its first episode of season […]