Fashion Inspiration: The Ease of a French Mariniere

Anyone can admit that for tourists and ex-pats alike, understanding and personalizing French culture can be incredibly difficult. From the language to the etiquette, it’s easy to find yourself frustrated.     Even saying hi in Paris is difficult … However, there is one aspect of the French culture that is incredibly easy to master…. […]

Alarh Perfume

Alarh is a French cosmetics and perfume manufacturer that’s been in the Thomas family for 4 generations. Noble family from Brittany on his mother’s side, from 900 BC – oldest Brittany family.    Desgrée de Haut – lesgree, base of hill from high.  Crusades, then arrived in Brittany.   1986 when created Alarh group.   […]

Imagine Air

« Petit Déjeuner à Paris » C’est quoi l’idée derrière votre marque ? « IMAGEINAIR » est un jeu de mots pour exprimer « une image dans l’air ». L’idée est que chacun laisse libre cours à son imagination et ses souvenirs lorsqu’on découvre la marque et ses parfums. IMAGEINAIR est une vraie invitation à la découverte émotionnelle et olfactive. C’est […]

The secrets of The Phantom of the Opera

Charles Garnier’s dazzling Opera house is famous for its enchanting operatic tragedies, elegant ballets and for inspiring the legend of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ Behind every tale there is a truth. From the falling chandelier to the underground lake, explore the fact behind the fiction of the Phantom of the Opera. Numerous failed attempts […]

Funny titles for American films in France

marquis picture

French translations of Hollywood films vary from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Here’s our favorite! There is a strong tendency in the French film industry to translate original Hollywood movie titles into other English titles. The original English titles are changed into another English titles, much easier to understand, to make them more accessible to […]

Top Ten Jazz Age Paris locations

A comprehensive guide to finding and experiencing Paris in its Golden Age. When one imagines Paris it is all too easy to imagine it in flickering and speckled film or through a black and white postcard, in a time when boater hats and pearl studded dresses swayed to the Charleston, when artists and poets gathered […]

Beware of the PickPockets: 5 Ways Not to Lose Your Money in Paris


It all begins the same way, whether you’re waltzing down the quaint, narrow streets of Paris, or enjoying some frites at a nearby bistrot, or admiring the Eiffel Tower. One moment, you’re checking your notifications on Facebook, or bending down to tie your shoe and suddenly, someone is bombarding you to sign a petition, or […]

Our very own modern-day Hemingway x

joseph terrell

When I first saw him, Joseph Terrell, our very own modern-day Hemingway, was sauntering down our little medieval Paris road with a cigar hanging out of his mouth.  This silver fox was infused with an air of experience. I mean, this guy looked COOL.   This guy has seen things, lived things, knows things!   I was intrigued and […]

To Tip or Not To Tip?


This must be one of the most frequently asked questions by people when visiting Paris.  Of course all around the world there are different customs for leaving tips at restaurants, theatres, etc. So what exactly is the protocol for leaving tips in Paris? We have the answer. The word tipping itself comes from T.I.P. – […]

Carrie Bradshaw’s Paris

Sex & the City

  Miss Carrie Bradshaw is the epitome of the New York 30s-something — columnist, fashionista, girl who knows how to brunch. After six seasons centered on Miss Bradshaw’s Manhattan lifestyle, Sex and the City took a daring plunge and moved its 2004 series finale to Paris. New York may be home to Carrie’s best gal pals (and most of her shoes), […]

#LoveLocked in Paris: From Meet Cute to Breakup

Love Locks Pont des Arts

Love Locked: the Low Down! Paris is known as the city for lovers, never more evident than when strolling around Paris on a cool spring evening, with couples caressing and canoodling beside the river banks as a saxophone player serenades them.  But how exactly does one ‘lock’ their love in this most romantic of cities? […]

Hidden Attractions: Prefecture’s Museum Edition

Musée de la Préfecture de Police

Okay you’ve seen the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, now what? Although not somewhere I normally might have ventured into on my own, I’m glad I found my way into the Police Museum of Paris. Looking for unknown gems in Paris, I stumbled upon this small museum located inside the police department […]

True Love Has a Color and a Name


Cartier. What better backdrop for a proposal than Paris? Exactly what the advertisement managers at Cartier had in mind when filming their most recent diamond ring advertisement released on Valentines Day 2015. Opening with a scenic view of the Eiffel tower (because of course, when filming in Paris you MUST include a shot of the […]

From Montreal to Paris: Josiane Blanc, Film Director & Tour Guide Extraodinaire

Man with a hat

The 10 finalists will have their movie shown at the Festival International du Court-métrage de Clermont-Ferrand I’m superexcited about this blog post because it is no ordinary blog post – introducing our very own tour guide, Josiane.  Josiane is all smiles, has a knack with people and comes from a cinematographic backgound. Last summer she finally settled in […]