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Le Manoir de Paris is the perfect destination for any fear-fanatic. If you are looking for an adrenaline-spiking Friday night activity, this is most definitely one that would interest you. I think that I can categorize people pretty easily into two groups – those that get thrill, joy, even humor out of horror films/activities, and those who can endure horror the for the sake of not looking like a cry-baby (but secretly are peeing their pants.) Let me say this, if you fit into the second category aforementioned (as I do), Le Manoir may not be the best spot for you to end up.


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Upon entering the Manor, the first thing that you notice immediately is the sign at the door noting that there is not any use of toilettes until after the tour (Personally, I think this is a cruel joke by the management, they’re just setting you up to pee your pants.) So – in planning your trip, take this into consideration and be sure to use the bathroom before arriving! Once passing the sign, you have officially entered, no turning back now. You are greeted by some of the 30 actors and actresses that the Manor is home to.  These people put on a terrific performance with terrific costumes and make up.   You would have no trouble believing that in just a few short moments you will be sucked out of this world into one filled only with phantoms.


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Once you have gotten through the queue and enter the actual haunted house you are surrounded with an ambiance unlike any other. The atmosphere truly places you in each one of the stories that the haunted Mansion has to tell. SIDENOTE: It may be be beneficial to you to read up on the back stories of the hauntings in Paris on the Le Manoir website before attending the spectacle, as the Manor is more so of a performance than it is a history lesson (Which can be found on their website: ) However, set upon three different levels you are taken through several different scenes of real-life hauntings that may (or may not…) truly occur in Paris based on factual stories of the past. Among these rooms are historic ghosts such as Phantom of the Opera, Quasimodo, and many others.

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The rule inside the house is if you do not touch the actors, they will not touch you. BUT I must note that you really must be prepared for how close they will get to you. They have no trouble at all invading your personal space – of course only to add to the experience – because, yes, quite frightening it is indeed. Other rules include, no running through the house, which brings me to the point – this will not be a quick experience. There is no running, and there is no way out. Once you have committed to entering the house, be prepared for three levels of a haunting interactive show sans an escape route.



In conclusion, as two blonde, English girls, this haunted house was definitely not our forte. If your type of fun on a Friday night is hitting the bar with your friends and dancing the night away, I would recommend that that is the plan that you stick with. However if you are an adventurer who likes to walk around cemeteries for excitement, my recommendation to you would to be to get a ticket to Le Manoir de Paris (no advanced purchase needed.) You will be sure to have a legendary time.

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