Discover the unknown City of Kings 



2/hour walking tour

PRICE (per person)

Adults: -€

Children under 12 : -€




Versailles Tourist Office



– Visit la salle des Fêtes and la salle des Mariages of the city hall of Versailles

– Get lost in the amazing produce market of Versailles

– Discover the history of the famous Madame Montansier in her Theatre

– Taste the Marie-Antoinette’s favorite perfume in a special macaroon

–  Relive the strongest moment of french Revolution in the Salle du Jeu de Paume

“The whole of France around the King”

Once upon a time, the majestic City of Versailles was a modest medieval village until the King, Louis XIV decided to move in and the small village got caught up the whirlwind of the King’s grandiose ambition to make a majestic place fit for…well, a king!  With plans for a splendid palace and lavish gardens, the king turned his eye to the village with the intention of creating a town that would reflect the magnificence of his chateau. He would create a thoroughly modern town with straight wide avenues, a grand church and glorious mansions (long before Baron Haussmann’s Paris) in stark contrast to the cramped quarters of Paris.

This tour introduces you to this charming city that developed around the chateau. A city at times dwarfed by the celebrity of the palace both figuratively and literally, as the King prohibited any building in Versailles from outshining his Palace.  A city that has left a significant mark on the world stage: the Treaty of Paris recognising the American Independence in 1783 (the same year man finally took flight with the world’s first hot air ballon ride at Versailles), the Salle du Jeu de Paume where the oath of 1789 ignited the French Revolution and the Treaty of Versailles marking the official end to hostilities during World War I.

During this insider’s guided tour, you’ll see the royal vegetable garden that was a remarkable feat for its time, serving the King’s enormous entourage and you’ll have the chance to sample these goodies at the Marché Notre-Dame, a huge market that attracts people from far and wide with its array of fresh local produce. You’ll visit the beautiful church of Notre-Dame in Versailles and the Hôtel de Ville, the town hall with stately rooms that lend themselves perfectly to the big screen.  You’ll also discover the Montansier Theater , the Musée Lambinet and the King’s Stables with a museum filled with fairy-tale coaches.  You’ll visit the famous french glove maker Fabre, a testament to the many artisans that lived here and served the chateau as well as Le Notre macaroons and an opportunity to buy souvenirs at a stylish boutique full of costume jewellery inspired by Marie Antoinette.

As seen in...

The numerous movies, TV series and documentaries all filmed on-location in Versailles are a testimony to the importance of the city.  Such as Marie-Antoinette, Farewell My Queen, Danton, Versailles (new TV show), The Affair of the Necklace, Hibernatus, Midnight in Paris, and so much more…