Visit Amélie’s hometown & discover all the real locations that inspired this charming French classic


Amélie’s Fabulous Paris

 A Private Driving Tour

3h in a vintage car (includes beverage)


150€ per person


Amélie & Montmartre 

A Walking tour through Montmartre

55€ per person




– Sip a drink at Amélie’s cafe


– Meet Montmartre’s artists like Amélie’s neighbour


– Explore Amélie’s favorite local hangouts


– Follow the blue arrows to Sacred Coeur


– Discover Amélie’s preferred cinema

Amélie Poulain’s Postcard Paris

The world fell in love with darling Amélie – this unexpected smash-hit charmed even the most hardened critic and gave French cinema a boost of pride & renewed energy.   Like her gnome, the movie went all around the world.   Shot all over Paris but with special attention to the village of Montmartre where Amelie called home, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet hommage to his city has left a marked impression that has endured the test of time.

Amelie’s life is full of color, of the good deeds she is inspired to do after Princess Diana’s untimely death and of the warmth and generosity she gives to the people around her.  Get to know Paris through her charming eyes.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 15.50.16Amélie describes her area of Montmartre beautifully – how the locals are giving out melon slices, the sugar plum ice-cream, the lollipops in the bakery window, the butchers, the cheese shop.  This tour will take you exploring all around her part of Paris  as we’ll learn just like Amelie did: ‘cultivates a particular taste for the small pleasures’.…be it eating strawberries with your fingers or running her fingers through a sac of beans.  Your guide will take you to visit local vendors including the kiosk at the metro, her butchers, her home, her grocery store and where she met Nico for the first time.   Of course, you’ll grab a drink at the cafe where she daydreamed (and worked) and meet the locals. You’ll meet the local artists like Amélie’s neighbour, who compares the lady sipping a drink in Jean Renoir’s The Luncheon of the Boating Party to our protagonist. It wouldn’t be an Amelie tour without a mandatory photo booth visit to have your picture taken and a trip to the canal where you can skip stones just like in the movie.  This tour includes lots of behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes, bien sur!

Amelie and Montmartre

Spend 3 hours roaming the charming streets of this hill-side parisien town, seeing where Amélie worked and lived. Guests get the true parisien experience riding the metro and walking up to Sacré Coeur. As the tour finishes, enjoy a coffee at Amélie’s restaurant and have the option of dinner reservations at Café des 2 Moulins.

Amelie’s Fabulous Paris

This 3 hour ultimate Amelie experience takes visitors to spots such as Canal Saint-Martin, Gare de l’Est, Notre-Dame and Montmartre, where the tour finishes with coffee at Café des 2 Moulins.



Re-create your favorite Amélie moment