At first glance, our heart melted and we wanted to snap up all his fantastic and original pieces of artwork.  Parisian Philippe Joubert is a young artist to keep your eye on.  His ethereal fashion designs are at times whimsical, at times bold. We just can’t get enough of his depictions of classic Parisian woman.

Does film play a part when you seek inspiration for your drawings?

Unconsciously, without a doubt.  In the history of cinema, the notable great actors and actresses of their time leave their mark.   For actresses, I am drawn to Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall, Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor…

Do you have a favorite film star, modern or from the past? What’s your favorite film starring him/her?

Romy Schneider springs to mind.  For her beauty, her talent as an actress and for the charm that radiates from her.  One film that I love of hers is César et Rosalie by Claude Sautet. The story is of a woman torn between the man she lives with and a love from her youth.  Its a love story but also, like many of Claude Sautet’s films, its a story of friendship.

Do you ever draw your friends?

Never, mainly because I want to keep them as friends!

Do you have a favorite style time-period or piece that you prefer to draw?

My favorite time period which inspires me the most is unquestionably the 1950s with Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy…

Woman’s silhouettes were strong with long legs peaking out from the newly shortened dresses.  And the illustrators, particularly René Gruau, represented this after-war era with the utmost flamboyance.

Which Set in Paris tour would you most like to take?

Without a doubt, it would be the Sex and the City tour.   When you watch the series, the last episodes of season 6 leave a strong impression.   Carrie Bradshaw is portrayed as particularly chic, glamorous and romantique in these Paris episodes.

Do you have a favorite quote to describe Paris?  Or even a place or something that you love the most about Paris? 

Even though I was born in Paris, Sacha Guitry’s famous quote describes perfectly what it is to be Parisian:

‘Être parisien, ce n’est pas être né à Paris, c’est y renaître.’ 

– Sacha Guitry

‘To be Parisian, it is not to be born in Paris but to be reborn in Paris’

For the place I love the most in Paris it is the Père flagyl antibiotic buy online Lachaise cemetery, magnificent regardless of the season.  I also really like the Musée de la Vie Romantique (Romantic Life Museum), the Buttes-Chaumont park, Luxembourg gardens, Nissim de Camondo museum and of course, the beautiful Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (Hunting Museum).   I love to take time to lose myself in Paris, to wander around, find a cafe and sit on terrace or a park bench and just watch people pass by.

Describe your ideal day in Paris?

I spent an amazing day in Spring under the beautiful sun:  I went to the Medical History Museum, the Saint Sulpice church, I did some shopping on rue du Commerce and at BHV.   I lunched under the sun in a charming bistrot near Odéon, I spent some time at the Gibert bookstore (an ideal day isn’t possible without a bookstore), then I had a drink on a cafe terrace in Châtelet.  For me, an ideal day in Paris is a day spent without rushing around, but taking the time to discover new places.   All this under a clear bright sky, bien sur!

Where do you find inspiration?

A walk in Paris stimulates all my wishes and imagination.  I have a very visual memory so I absorb details from everywhere.   Naturally the intern is a great resource to find inspiration.  But looking for too much inspiration outside of yourself is a trap – I draw best when I forget about everything else and draw from the heart.   To seek out inspiration too hard, one can lose confidence and risks losing the personal touch in their artwork.

Who are the women behind your designs?

They come from my imagination and are generally very elegant and timeless.

What relationship do you have with Parisians?

I have wonderful friends and acquaintances in Paris as well as friendly neighbors.  As everywhere, if you are open, curious and smiling, life is easier.   Still, I fight against gloomy uncivil behaviour.  Let’s put it this way – taking the bus or metro, especially during rush hour, may not be the best way to appreciate Parisians.

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