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Even Blu Ivy loves her Eiffel Tower keyring!


Garden Gnome Amelie

To Wine or Not to Wine?

How to find the best location for your dream vineyard…from movies!

imagesEver dreamed of owning your own vineyard?  Of packing it all in and getting back to basics… toiling the land (or hiring someone to), stepping out in the morning to your own magnificent view of acres of rolling land and breathing in the fresh countryside air with your dog at your side….and a beret and glass of your very own wine to boot.

We’ve picked the best movies from France and around the world to not only inspire you but also real-life stories to show you what is involved in owning your own vineyard.  Let these movies be your guide:




STARRING: Niels Arestrup, Lorànt Deutsch, Patrick Chesnais

DIRECTOR:  Gilles Legrand

YEAR: 2011

This film gives you an idea of the work that goes on behind-the-scenes at a working vineyard and also the drama from all the blood, sweat and tears it can take to run a vineyard.

The original French title Tu Seras Un Homme, Mon Fils translates to You Will By A Man, My Son rather than the offical English translation You Will Be My Son.  This is more apt as the film deals with the disappointment a vineyard owner in Saint Emilion exhibits towards his ‘boy’.

This is a touching, charming and gut-wrenching French film about the strained relationship between a father and his son.  Having no faith in his son and heir-apparent’s abilities to manage his vineyard after his death, Paul Marseul (Neils Arestrup) turns to an outsider and wine connoisseur.

* Check out Niels Arestrup’s phenomenal performance in the movie Diplomacy (featured on our movie tours)


a good year




YEAR: 2006


This is THE film about packing it all in and moving to the South of France à la Russell Crowe

A British investment broker inherits his uncle’s chateau and vineyard in Provence, forcing him to confront his idyllic childhood that he had long since tucked into the back of his mind.  He’s intent on renovating the estate for sale – a quick feat and then back to the stockmarket.  But a young American who says she’s Henry’s illegitmate tour, a very sexy French lady and some good memories slowly make their way in to heart.



A Heavenly vintage



YEAR: 2009


Previously entitled The Vinter’s Luck, the film takes you back to 19th Century rural France on a quest for that perfect vintage wine. 

Transporting you to 19th century France, a peasant Sobran Jodeau working on an estate sets out to create the all elusive perfect vintage, with the help of none-other than an angel.  

Based on a novel by Elizabeth Knox, A Heavnely Vintage highlights an almost pagan love for the earth and shows that in order to succeed you need to make your own luck.


french kiss

French Kiss

STARRING: meg ryan, kevin kline, timothy hutton


YEAR: 1995 

The stunning views of Luc’s hometown of La Ravelle in Paulhaguet will make you want to invest in a vineyard tomorrow


An old movie but an absolute quirky, charming classic.   Kate flies to France to confront her cheat of a fiancé but gets stuck next to Luc, a suave French crook who uses her to smuggle a stolen diamond necklace and a vine cutting.   Luc has mangaged to gamble away his own vineyard in a single hand of poker to his brother but his love and knowledge of wine has remained and he imparts this Kate.   Although she never for a second thought of owning and living in a vineyard in the South of France, perhaps the universe had other plans for her…




Le secret de Santa Vittoria



YEAR: 1969

An absolutely fabulous heart-warming story of a small Italian village who use their love and pride of wine as a secret weapon of resistance.   Much like the French who also managed to keep an unquantifiable amount of wines out of the Germans’ hands, the moral of the story…  Don’t mess with a country’s tradition of wine…ever!

In the summer of 1943, the mayor of Santa Vittoria, learns that the German occupying forces want to take all of the town’s wine with them. Determine to wreck their plans, the inhabitants hide a million bottles in a cave before the arrival of a German army.


under the tuscan sun

under the tuscan sun

STARRING: diane lane, raoul bova, sandra oh


YEAR: 2003

The author of Under the Tuscan Sun was on to something…she has turned writing books about Tuscany into a well-known brand Tuscan Sun Wines.   If you develop the right contacts, you too could have your own wine label without ever stepping foot in a wineyard.

Writer, cook, designer and diva of all things Tuscan, Frances Mayes opened to the world an invitation to live more fully and to enjoy the moment. “For over two decades,” Frances says, “we have feasted and sipped across the timeless fields of Tuscany and beyond.” As in her seven books on Tuscany, and the film Under the Tuscan Sun, the Frances Mayes brand centers on friendship, discovery, restoration, and ultimately renewal through daily pleasures and an appreciation for the good life well lived. Under the brand, wine, artisan food, items useful and artful, all carry the unmistakable hallmark of Frances Mayes’s vision.
A toast to the Tuscans, who inspire the world to live like kings! – Frances Mayes
Wine is so intrinsic to Italian culture, and Frances has always dreamed of introducing a line of wines to match her Tuscan Sun lifestyle. Frances personally selects the Tuscan Sun Wines, assuring that each one conveys the joys of the table and the true taste of Italy. Frances set out to bring this casual, beautiful, every-day expression of wine to her fans. With Frances personally selecting the house wines from her favorite Tuscan restaurants, the lineup of Tuscan Sun Wines was born. The labels are original paintings inspired by Frances’s favorite places in and around her famous villa, Bramasole.


blood & wine

blood and wine



YEAR: 1996

A look here into the wheeling and dealing of the wine trade.   If you don’t want to plow the land but you appreciate a good vintage, then maybe a career as a wine dealer/expert/teacher could be your thing.

Nicholson is a Florida wine dealer whose business is going broke, whose wife (Judy Davis) wants to leave him, and whose stepson (Stephen Dorff) hates him. He hooks up with a tubercular British exile (Michael Caine) to steal a million-dollar diamond necklace from the house of some rich people. But it is all so much more complicated than that and includes Nicholson’s sexual liaison with the rich family’s nanny (Jennifer Lopez). That’s just the set-up. The plot gets *really* complicated.   

Blood and Wine was shot in Miami, South Florida and the Florida Keys, including some scenes at the Caribbean Club in Key Largo. Alex’s family home is located in the Coral Gables/Pinecrest area. Gabriela is shown to live in Little Havana.


the chateau meroux

The Chateau Meroux



YEAR: 2011

Getting into the wine industry is no walk in the park…this rom-com highlights the challenge and competition that  play a part in any business.

Upon her father’s death, Wendy inherits a on-the-down winery. While coping to manage it, she goes up against a fierce competitor and has a run in with his son! And her best friend is none other that the gorgeous Amanda Righetti from The Mentalist. For a girlie night in with a glass of wine (or bottle), you couldn’t do better.






YEAR: 2009


A cute rom-com, this movie asks the question you will want to consider if you are dreaming of moving to a vineyard…. Are you ready to pack it all in and give up the high rolling career for a life on a vineyard?

“The film shoot was so much fun. Part of the time was in Solvang (California) at a winery in this little tiny town. The whole cast and crew took over this one little motel. It was like being back in college…but with a little more responsibility. And our director, David Cass Sr., was just wonderful, a guy with an amazing work ethic who got us done every day at a decent hour.”


the ways of the wine



YEAR: 2010


The utlimate worst-nightmare for a master sommelier – to lose your ability to taste the wine you love.  Every industry has its own kings and here we look at the Argentianian wine industy.

A feast of who’s who in the Argentinian winemaking scene.  A mock-umentary featuring  real life Master Sommelier Charlie Arturaola to Mendoza, Argentina.  He attends Mendoza’s glamorous Masters of Food and Wine event but overdoes it and eventually loses his sense of taste (devastating for any sommelier).


a year in champagne



YEAR: 2014


An intimate look behind-the-scenes into the world’s most famous wine.

As so eloquently put in this documentary following  a year in the making of champagne: ‘There’s a paradox between our tragedy and our celebration.’

Follow the trials and triumphs…from rain threatening to reck havoc on the harvest, the multitude of personalities to the utlimate victory of creating a perfect bottle.

I only drink champagne on two occasions.. When I am in love and when I am not!     

 – Coco Chanel






YEAR: 2004

A movie that put Santa Barbara on the map and inspired countless wine tasting road trips.   And there’s a moral to this story…wine is fashionable and has its own trends, so choose carefully which type of wine you want to grow and of course, where!

This movie put Santa Barbara on the winemaking map.   If you want to get into wine, you need to know about the so-called Sideways Effect.    The main character (played by Paul Giamatti) can’t stand merlot, at the time by far the most popular red wine in the States, and loves pinot noir.     The unexpected success of the film caused a crash in sales of Merlot  as people didn’t want to be seen drinking a sub-par wine.  It is only recently that Merlot sales have started to recover.  All it took to hit the industry was this one line in the film:


first growth

Premiers crus



YEAR: 2015


Get an exclusive peak into the world of wine-making and the families and personalities it depends on.   At the same time, learn the pros and cons of traditional versus modern methods of making wine.

Charlie Maréchal who owns a successful guide to French wines takes over his 200-year old family wine business after his father brings it close to bankruptcy. Knowing a lot about wines but very little about what goes into the wine-making process, he takes the risky decision to revert back to traditional wine making methods.


blood into wine: the arizona stronghold

Blood into wine



YEAR: 2015


With winemaking in his blood, recording artist Maynard James Keenan sets out to place Arizona on the wine-making map. He comes against prejudice from traditional wine-makers not to mention the arid desert he has to work with. This documentary covers his transition from rock star to wine aficionado.

Charlie Maréchal who owns a successful guide to French wines takes over his 200-year old family wine business after his father brings it close to bankruptcy. Knowing a lot about wines but very little about what goes into the wine-making process, he takes the risky decision to revert back to traditional wine making methods.


a year in port

a year in burgundy




red obsession


a walk in the clouds

Decanted: A Winemaker’s Journey

Bitter Grapes- Slavery in the Vineyards

Blood into wine



YEAR: 2015


With winemaking in his blood, recording artist Maynard James Keenan sets out to place Arizona on the wine-making map. He comes against prejudice from traditional wine-makers not to mention the arid desert he has to work with. This documentary covers his transition from rock star to wine aficionado.

Charlie Maréchal who owns a successful guide to French wines takes over his 200-year old family wine business after his father brings it close to bankruptcy. Knowing a lot about wines but very little about what goes into the wine-making process, he takes the risky decision to revert back to traditional wine making methods.


Coco Chanel’s Favorite Places in Paris

Gabrielle Chanel

Discover Coco Chanel’s favorite places in Paris: From her first ever store to her beloved restaurant and cafe.


Angelina’s, the well-beloved Parisian tearoom, was founded in 1903 by Antoine Rumpelmayer and was named after his daughter-in-law.  The Belle Epoque interior, designed by the architect Edouard-Jean Niermans, hasn’t changed since the opening in 1903.

For over a century now, Angelina’s has built a reputation of sophistication and gourmandise. Since its opening, it has become the place to be seen for the Parisian aristocracy and celebrities.  Proust was a frequent visitor and Coco Chanel had her official table. Today it’s a must-do for the tourists, and a favorite brunch rendez-vous for the Parisians.


Herminie Cadolle created the very first bra, presented at the World’s Fair in 1889 and In 1925, Marguerite Cadolle created the first ‘flatten bra’, aka the Boyish Form, for Mlle Chanel.  

The very first shop was located at 24 rue de la Chaussée d’Antin, fortunately near the popular department stores, and relocated to rue Cambon in 1911 . Other designers moved to the area which became a mecca for fashion and sophistication.

21 rue Cambon

Gabrielle Chanel opened her very first millinery shop at 21 rue Cambon in 1909 with the help of her lover, the Englishman Boy Capel.  At first she only did simple hats. revolutionary at a time when the hats of the day were highly decorated. Soon after, she opened a second store in Deauville, and then a third in Biarritz.

Today the 21 rue Cambon store is owned by the bag and accessories store Fauré le Page, created in 1717.

31 rue Cambon

The 31 rue Cambon is an institution, the historic headquarters of the House of Chanel, and it has barely changed since Gabrielle Chanel died in 1971. Today, the House of Chanel owns a good part of the street from No. 23 to No. 31, mostly occupied by offices and workshops.

The first floor is, of course, the store, although during Gabrielle’s time it was also where she organised catwalk shows to launch her collections. She used to sit on the top of her mirrored staircase to spy, unseen,  on the reactions of the public. The second floor is a private showroom for important clients.

The third floor is her apartment, richly decorated in contradiction to her style of simplicity and unadornment. The rooms are strewed with symbolic objects, such as the lion, the shell, the camellia, the 2 Cs – everything in gold, of course! These important symbols are still very prevalent in the modern collections, especially in the jewellery. 

The two upper floors are occupied by workshops for specific tasks, and Karl Lagerfeld’s office.

The Ritz

Gabrielle Chanel decided to live at the Ritz in 1937, her store and workshops being situated conveniently next door  The legend says that the doorman of the Ritz gave a call to the store when Coco went out of the hotel so the vendors could spray some No 5 in the entrance. She decorated the suite herself and brought her favorite furniture such as Coromandel lacquered screens, gilded mirrors and a velvet couch. The suite has since been restored but kept in the black and white style with the golden lions and several photographs of her still in evidence.  The Coco Chanel suite, the second biggest in the hotel, costs 18 000 euros a night. 

The Chanel Jewellery store

The Chanel Jewelry store opened at t18 Place Vendôme in 1997, more than 20 years after the death of the fashion designer. In 1932, she created the ‘Bijoux de Diamants’ collection, all diamonds and platinum, much more luxurious than her original costume jewelry.

The first watch she created was named “Montre Premiere”. The shape of the watch was the same as the iconic cap of the Chanel No 5 bottle, which in turn had been inspired by the shape of the Place Vendôme.

Today, new collections keep alive the symbols which Gabrielle Chanel loved:  the stars, the camelilas, the lions, the gold and of course the pearls.


Didier Ludot

Didier Ludot is one of the most famous luxury vintage shops in Paris located under the arcades of the Palais Royal. In this Aladdin’s Cave you can find all kind of vintage clothes and accessories from the most famous fashion designers: Chanel of course, Dior, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Givenchy, etc. If you want to find an authentic little Chanel jacket or the famous bag, this is the place to go. 

Le Grand Véfour

The Café de Chartres opened in 1784 under the arcades of the Palais Royal, created by Richelieu during the 17th century. When Philippe d’Orléans inherited it, it became the place to be for the French bourgeoisie. The restaurant, called the Grand Véfour, was famous as the first Grand Restaurant de Paris as well as for its luxurious decoration and gourmet cuisine. After ups and downs during two centuries and many owners, today the restaurant is one of the best in  Paris. The Neo-Classical decoration, loved during the Empire, hasn’t changed since the 19th century and its tables has seen a lot of famous people, including Colette and Coco Chanel. It is also the location of a scene of the movie Coco Before Chanel, where Coco meets Etienne Balzan.

Coco Before Chanel Grand Vefour


Le Grand Vefour in Coco Avant 

Explore locations from Coco Avant Chanel

Rue Saint-Honoré

Coco avant Chanel Marinière

(Coco Before Chanel, Audrey Tautou as Gabrielle Chanel)

Gabrielle Chanel, bored of her ‘easy’ life in Etienne Balzan’s manor, wanted to work and be free. She started to make her own hats which became very popular. She moved to Paris in 1910, opened her first shop at 21 rue Cambon and lived in a tiny apartment on rue Saint-Honoré.

Grand Palais

Since Karl Lagerfeld started work for the House of Chanel, every Chanel Fashion Week show takes place under the soaring windowed canopy of the Grand Palais, a privilege accorded only to Chanel . Every year the show is more extraordinary and extravagant, and always a tribute to Gabrielle Chanel’s  work and life.

In 2014, the building of 31 rue Cambon was entirely recreated in the Grand Palais.  In 2011, an immense gold lion was enthroned in the center of the enormous room. (The lion was her favorite animal and seen everywhere in her apartment).  Over the years of this spectacle, there have been a supermarket, a casino, an enchanted forest and even the gardens of  Versailles.

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Fashion Inspiration: The Ease of a French Mariniere

Anyone can admit that for tourists and ex-pats alike, understanding and personalizing French culture can be incredibly difficult. From the language to the etiquette, it’s easy to find yourself frustrated.



Even saying hi in Paris is difficult …

However, there is one aspect of the French culture that is incredibly easy to master…. the mariniere. This piece of the traditional French navy uniform, created in the 19th century, has become a world wide staple and is one of the best ways to create chic, sophisticated looks with almost zero effort.

This striped tee can be found today dominating street fashion, runways, and celebrity wardrobes. The mariniere is not simply a vintage trend that has come back into style, but rather a timeless staple that never left. Perfect for style on a budget or for those busy days when you want to be comfortable, but still look great, we love the mariniere.

Take a Hint from Our Paris Fashion Dreamgirls

Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Brigitte Bardot…. Who can argue.

Love the style, but still unsure how to make it work for you? Let’s take a look at our favorite ways to sport this style for any season, all around the world. No matter your age, gender, location, or personal style, there is space in your wardrobe for this versatile piece. Here’s a few points of inspiration to get your creativity flowing…

The Casual Look: With Denim

A classic, casual look that’s perfect for strutting the streets, a lunch date, or anything outdoors. This look can be translated from summer with denim shorts or a vest, easily to spring or fall with a denim jacket. Pair this look with sneakers and a tote bag, or dress it up with heels and red lipstick.

Add an Edge with Leather

This is a super popular combination with celebrities (like Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid, and Jessica Alba above). The combination of the classic striped tee with a modern and “hard” leather is easy to recreate, yet says, “I understand fashion, and I can take risks.” Ever feel like there are fashion rules that are hard to understand? Black and brown is okay now? What??? Well trust us, this is a combination that will always be chic. Pair how to purchase flagyl online with simple, smaller accessories in neutral colors to let the outfit speak for itself.

Extra fun with a Pop of Color

Another way to successfully wear the mariniere, with a little more fun, is by adding a statement color to your outfit. Choose one color from your current wardrobe, and don’t be afraid to go bold! For a easy choice, think primary colors: reds, yellows (we love Rose Byrne’s mustard), blues, and kelly green all work nicely with the white and black. Warning: Simplicity is key. One statement piece can say a lot more than a yellow handbag, with a yellow coat, with yellow shoes, etc.

Or Try Something a Little More Daring

If you really want to create a wow moment, try out these daring, but definitely successful choices. Because the mariniere is so versatile, there’s massive room for experimentation and play. One of our personal favorites, the double stripe, combines the mariniere with a second striped piece. Tips for achieving this look include sticking to a muted, uniform color pattern, like the two outfits on the right. The striped items are of the same color scheme, so they communicate with one another and work together. Or try larger color blocked stripes, like the coat on the right for a chic but less obvious stripe duo. And lastly, to convert the mariniere from a day to night look, consider pairing it with a metallic piece, like silver or gold. This is a surprising combination that we are shocked to say we really love! Chic and confident, it’s truly a wow outfit.

And… If you’re anything like us, you’ll be buying one for your boyfriend too. 

……. We have nothing else to say about this. We’re too busy staring at James Dean.

With so many choices, why do we choose the Hublot Mariniere?

Classic, French, and well made. The Hublot mariniere is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Super soft and light cotton forms a modern design inspired by the history of the piece. The long sleeves can be folded and cuffed, for a chic, French, yet personal style.


Shop our Marinieres for women, men, children, and babies inside our Set in Paris Shop! 

Alarh Perfume

Alarh is a French cosmetics and perfume manufacturer that’s been in the Thomas family for 4 generations.

Noble family from Brittany on his mother’s side, from 900 BC – oldest Brittany family.    Desgrée de Haut – lesgree, base of hill from high.  Crusades, then arrived in Brittany.


1986 when created Alarh group.   Why swan?  Means swan in Brittanic.



Imagine Air

« Petit Déjeuner à Paris »

C’est quoi l’idée derrière votre marque ?

« IMAGEINAIR » est un jeu de mots pour exprimer « une image dans l’air ». L’idée est que chacun laisse libre cours à son imagination et ses souvenirs lorsqu’on découvre la marque et ses parfums. IMAGEINAIR est une vraie invitation à la découverte émotionnelle et olfactive.

C’est important d’être ‘Made in France’ pour vous ?

Le Made in France est l’une des principales valeurs de la marque. C’est très important pour moi de conserver le savoir-faire français et valoriser notre patrimoine culturel. La fabrication française reste authentique et pleine de richesses depuis des décennies.

C’est comment vous pensez de ‘Petit déjeuner à Paris’, une vraiment bonne idée pour une bougie ?

L’idée de création de cette bougie est venue de ma rencontre avec Alexandra Senes, la fondatrice de la marque Kilometre Paris (des chemises brodées à la main inspirées de voyages à travers le monde entier et quartiers de Paris). Nous nous sommes trouvés des dizaines de points commun dont le voyage. Nous avons donc décidé de créer une vraie bougie représentative d’une balade parisienne au parfum d’effluves de petit buy flagyl online cheap déjeuner, comme si on pénétrait dans une boulangerie au cœur de Paris.

Où vous trouvez l’inspiration ?

Je trouve l’inspiration principalement dans mes voyages. Je suis une amoureuse de la découverte de nouvelles cultures et rencontres : les Etats Unis et l’Europe sont les destinations que j’ai le plus visitées et où j’y puise toutes les ressources nécessaires pour créer.

Vous avez grandi à côté de Paris. Quel est vos endroits ou chose à faire favori à Paris ?

Mes endroits favoris à Paris sont Saint Germain (on y trouve mon Jazz Club préféré) ; un café rue de Rivoli, suivi d’une marche aux Tuileries ; un chocolat chaud et un mont-blanc de chez Angelina ; explorer les rues piétonnes et admirer les peintures de Montmartre.

Quels films de Paris vous aimez ?  Quel tour de Set in Paris vous préférez le faire ?

Mon film préféré de Paris est « Moulin Rouge ». Je trouve que la réinterprétation est incroyablement bien ficelée et prenante jusqu’à la fin !

J’adorerais faire le Sex and the City Tour ! Je suis une vraie fan de la série télévisée, et encore plus des cosmos !

Top 10 Romantic Places to Propose in Paris

She’s dreamed of this moment ever since she was a little girl… No pressure then!

Whisking her off for a romantic trip to Paris with a secret mission to propose couldn’t be a better solution, but where are the best places to propose in Paris?

For many, the classic spots, such as on top of the Eiffel Tower or the steps of Sacred Coeur, are the perfect place.

If you want to find a special, more unusual spot that you can return to year after year, here’s our top ten breathtaking fountains and parks that will make her (or his) eyes dazzle.

Created by Catherine de Medici in 1564 as a garden for the then Tuileries Palace, it became the place to be in the 19th Century: to promenade, to meet friends and family and bien sur, for secret lover’s rendez-vous.  As one of the oldest and celebrated gardens in France, it’s a central location that can’t be beat.

With beautiful fountains, large tree-lined alleys, incredible statues, the Jardin des Tuileries is a beautiful place to declare your love.  The only question is – which location do you pick?  If you have time you should scout it out beforehand all the better!  If you can’t get to Paris before the proposal, ask a local or someone to recommend one of their favorite spots.

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel de Louvre in Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn


* French gardens (the style) can mean a lot of gravel great for strolling, whereas English gardens are more associated with grass. When you do have grass in Paris, it is often forbidden to sit on.  This particularly garden, however, allows people to sit on the grass so you can pick a perfect picnic spot around the hedges that make a labyrinth (to the right of the Grand Basin – see map).  It’s also one of the places where dog’s allowed so if she doesn’t like them, avoid this area.

*You definitely want to check for events on your chosen date – ask a local. During Paris Fashion Week, a multitude of designers occupy the area by setting up huge tents for their shows.  One must also keep in mind that Paris hosts Fête des Tuileries which is a huge amusement park that lasts for 2 months every summer.   You may not envision a bunch of screaming kids feeling sick from rides and too much cotton candy during your special moment!

Profess your love on the most romantic bridge in Paris

Even if you don’t know it, you’ve seen this bridge covering the pages of glossy fashion magazines. The Alexandre III bridge is without a doubt one of the most photographed places in Paris and for good reason! Her beauty speaks for itself. This breathtaking Beaux Arts style bridge is brought to life by the mythical statues of nymphs, cherubs, and winged horses.  

Fittingly, Adele choose here in Paris on the river to film her music video Someone Like You and Woody Allen encapsulated the awe-inspiring feeling with closing Midnight in Paris and a wonderful chance encounter in his last scene of Midnight in Paris. Follow in their footsteps and let the magic of this bridge be the wind beneath your wings – its so beautiful, it does most of the work for you.


There’s traffic on the bridge so you definitely want to avoid rush hour.   Also, there’s a nightclub on either side of the bridge so very late at night you may have a few drunk partygoers that get in the way. If you have a team helping you (ie. photographer, etc..), then they can keep external elements from getting in the way and you can concentrate on your job!!

This is the place where a lot of people pass by every day and like to share special (or funny) moments with friends or family.

The quais de la Seine also offers a romantic atmosphere and the peacefulness for lovers to steal a moment to themselves with the most remarkable views over Paris.

Here you can find all the things you want to make your partner fall in love! A hotel (the glamorous Ritz), a restaurant, high-end shopping (Chanel and Dior boutiques), etc is right on the premises!

It is one of the most beautiful places in the center of Paris that is located super close to the famous rue de Rivoli.

Situated in the 8th district of Paris, le Parc Monceau is a quiet and pretty park for a romantic stroll.  This magnificent place contains beautiful statues, greenery, architecture from the epoch of the rebirth, and the museum of Cernusch. An ideal and unique place to propose in Paris since it looks like a set straight out of a love story.

Situated in the garden of the Square Jehan Rictus Place des Abbesses in Montmartre, the lover’s wall is a meeting place for lovers and a whimsical spot to propose in Paris. The wall has over 311 declarations in 250 different languages written on it.


In order to stand out from the crowd, some couples wait for the month of September in order to declare their love in an unusual and fun fashion. In tribute to the famous song by George Brassens, lovers can declare their passion before the major and the public, during a non-proposal ceremony that takes place every year during the Montmartre grape harvest. ‘I have the honour not to call you my wife…’ The ceremony concludes in front of the ‘Je t’aime’ mural at the Square Jehan Rictus. What a way to not propose in Paris… Registrations via the town hall of the 18th arrondissement : +33 (0) 1 53 41 17 82 or

Hidden by houses and plants, Place Dauphine is a romantic and almost secret place of lovers. An idyllic place to propose in Paris.

The Saint Sulpice church is one of the biggest churches in Paris. A calm and peaceful spot for lovebirds and the holiest place to propose in Paris.

These gardens

Medici fountain

Romy Schneider Jardins du Luxembourg
Romy Schneider in the film Romy in the gardens

 Make your proposal in Paris a memorable one!


*The Parisians have this brilliant expression we love:
‘Don’t ever tie your shoe in Paris’!

Paris is associated with the City of Love. There couldn’t be a better place to propose… If that is the plan! 😉

Accidentally Engaged film

The secrets of The Phantom of the Opera

Charles Garnier’s dazzling Opera house is famous for its enchanting operatic tragedies, elegant ballets and for inspiring the legend of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ Behind every tale there is a truth. From the falling chandelier to the underground lake, explore the fact behind the fiction of the Phantom of the Opera.

In 1909 the story of Gaston Leroux’s ’Phantom’ was first published as a series in French paper ‘Le Gaulois’. it was a tantalising fiction littered with real life locations, public figures of the time and potential evidence for the supernatural making the notion of a real phantom who haunted the Opera a myth all to easy to swallow. Yet with adaptations like the 1925 silent horror to Andre Lloyd Webber’s hit musical, the story and its spectre have been altered and masked.

Could this be the REAL home of the Phantom of hte Opera?

Our first inspection is the mysterious underground lake the phantom inhabits, surely nothing more than a wonderful figment of author Leroux’s imagination, yet records of the Opera houses construction shed light on the myth.

In 1861 while clearing space to lay the foundations of the building, workmen where halted and baffled by a continual bubbling source of water a branch of the seine river had spouted right on the site of the building.

Numerous failed attempts at draining the source left them with no choice but to man and canal the water creating a lake underneath the very foundations of the building.

Could this be the real home of the Phantom? It is not hard to imagine the ghostly tales told by those working in these dark dingy gas lit corridors While closed to the public the subterranean reservoir is used by the Paris Fire Department to practice diving in the pitch black. Not for the faint hearted!

What inspired Leroux to make his infamous anti hero a ghost, did he really believe the structure to be haunted? If he did he was not alone, perhaps he simply capitalised on popular stories circulating at the time as the base of his story. With Paris’ bloody and tumultuous past you don’t have to dig very far to find a horror story.

The prologue of Leroux’s story opens with the narrator explaining that a body was uncovered while the basement was used to store phonographic records. According to the story the body was inaccurately identified as being a victim of the Paris commune, a bloody failed 2 month coup d’etat where around 25,000 Parisians were killed in mass executions.  The Commune saw fighting and executions in many of the streets of the 9th aroundisment around the Opera house, and the building was even used as by the Communards. While Leroux would have us believe the body uncovered was really that of the Phantom’s there is an even more haunting tale behind the true history of the building.

Then of course there is the incident of the falling chandelier, a memorable moment from the book, film and musical. In 1896 another tragic event will take place in the Opera House. A faulty counterweight on the magnificent chandelier fell crushing to death the Concierge who was visiting the Opera House for the first time.

Sound familiar? Leroux weaves this death into his story for the climatic final scene where the fantom kills an audience member before capturing Christy.

delve more into the accident of the chandelier

Saint Germain’s Beloved News Vendor

Ali Akbar

Ali Akbar is so famous in the Saint-Germain quarter that 6 years ago, the town hall held a vote to choose the best personality to represent the area and the inhabitants overwhelming choose Ali, whose image you can’t miss as it now appears on a big public wall. If you’re lucky enough you might meet him in “rue du Four” or “rue des Canettes” under his portrait, doing with passion the same job he has been doing for more than 40 years now.  Solferino, Luxembourg, Saint-Michel and Saint-Germain-des-Près are the main spots where you can have a chance to meet the famous Ali AKBAR selling newspapers with happiness and joy.

He is the man with the cap and the beige parka that knows everybody around and everybody knowshim too. Where philosophers, writers and  journalists found themselves on breweries on rue de Rennes, today Ali is one of those famous men. For being the last seller at the auction, he is the voice whilst out and about in the district of St Germain, selling “Le Monde” newspaper and screaming “Ca y est, ca y est!” (Here it is, here it is!). His personality and charisma are the keys of his success, no matter the news Ali always sells his papers with a good smile and exceptional charm.

Ali was born and grew up in his native Pakistan, working since he was just 5 years old to help his family.  At the age of 18, in the face of the threats and violence, Ali was forced to flee his country one night under the cover of darkness.  After a long voyage through Greece, Afghanistan, Turkey and even China, Ali arrived in Paris.  It was here that he settled and met the Professor Choron, professor of literature who taught him how to read.  This was the turning point in his life and helped him to get his first job has a newspaper seller in Paris.


From Pakistan to Paris, Ali moved many mountains in his life and overcame misery, corruption, racism, to be where he is today. Ali highlights that he wouldn’t be where he is today is if hadn’t been for all the help he had along the way by, as he simply and eloquently puts it, ‘Humans’.  He is the embodiment of ‘making it’ and at time when we need it the most, Ali is an inspiration to all of us.


Ali AKBAR explaining how he had to leave his country for a better place to work and specially build his family and feed them. From an immigrant statut to becoming a star of the district of Saint-Germain. Mr AKBAR sold newspapers for more than 40 years now and he did it day and night. Coming out of a harsh neighborhood close to Islamabad in Rawalpindi , the first years took him time to integrate the french society but like the Hero in Slumdog Millionnaire ”Jamal”, Ali won his fight after many years of burden . AKBAR Ali as 5 children with the same wife and one of his sons studied in college and actually working in an important position. Here is a good version of integration in the french society , everything is possible with a bit faith .

“La fabuleuse histoire du vendeur de journaux”

by Ali AKBAR

Détails sur le produit:

  • Paper Backed: 256 pages
  • Editor : JC GAWSEWITCH EDITEUR (11 juin 2009)
  • Collection : Coup de gueule
  • Language : Français
  • ISBN-10: 2350131777
  • ISBN-13: 978-2350131771
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 2 x 13,5 cm

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“Je fais rire le monde…mais le monde me fait pleurer!”

by Ali AKBAR

Détails sur le produit:

  • Paper Backed: 279 pages
  • Editor : Jean-Claude Gawsewitch (24 février 2005)
  • Collection : Documents
  • Language : Français
  • ISBN-10: 2350130096
  • ISBN-13: 978-2350130095
  • Product Dimensions: 22,5 x 2,2 x 14 cm

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How to Wear our Laulhere French Berets

There are many modern misconceptions around this classic French cap, known around the world as the beret. Many people might find themselves thinking, “Oh, I’m not French. I can’t wear a beret,” or maybe “Berets are simply outdated or cliche,” or even one I struggle with myself, “I love berets, but I just don’t think I can pull them off.” All of these thoughts can lead to a lot of distress surrounding the beret.

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However, with the trend blowing up in fashion and in modern streetwear, the beret has returned as an effortless staple for any woman (or man)’s wardrobe. So, the time has come for us to conquer our fear and embrace the beret for what it is: chic and timeless.

Since the dawn of time, the best way to acquire a skill is to study from the greats. Think of Plato studying under Aristotle, or Christian Dior as a mentor to Yves Saint Laurent. Using the same model, we can find numerous great fashion mentors of the beret in any style, for any woman.

For the Retro/Vintage Lover,

As seen on actresses like Eva Bartok and Nina Foch, capture this vintage look by styling your beret a little off to the side to compliment your pin curls, skirt and blouse, and of course, a modest heel. Chic and timeless. Pair with a piece of our vintage or vintage inspired jewelry pieces for the perfect touch.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, on the street. Fashion has to do with ideas.” -Chanel

For a 60’s Mod Girl,

For the 1960’s mod style, we turn to France Gall and fashion icon, Twiggy. It’s all about color blocking with this look. Throw on a simple, boxy dress or sweater and match the accent color or your accessories to your beret. Pair with sweet cropped socks, a small heeled sandal, and minimal makeup for an extremely easy look worthy of any fashion blog in town.

“The only real elegance is in the mind. If you’ve got that, the rest comes from it.” -Twiggy

For the Androginous/Menswear look,

Modeled by a young Kate Moss and the Gucci runway, this beret inspired menswear look reads confidence and is a perfect way to dress a beret either up or down. Pair your beret with a blazer, turtleneck, and boyfriend jeans, or with trousers, red lips, and heels for a head-turning going out look that you probably already own.

What people say isn’t going to stop me. I have to do things for myself.” -Kate Moss

For the Super Hip 2017 Girl,

All-black is a super easy and on-trend way to outfit a beret. As seen on Rihanna at the Dior show this year and fashion expert Alexa Chung, you can definitely pair the classic French cap with super modern items like chokers or a graphic tee. An easy way so set you apart from the Instragram blogger and take your fashion knowledge to the next level.

“You will never be stylish if you don’t take risks.” -Rihanna

The Classic Pretty,

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Modeled perfectly by Diane Kruger and Gossip Girl favorite Leighton Meester, this feminine look is an incredibly wearable and chic adaptation to pull off a beret. Pair a simple coloured beret with classic silhouettes, like a feminine dress or structured coat. With light makeup and loosely styled hair, this look steals hearts and is elegant enough for a princess, a la fashion icon Kate Middleton.

Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.” -Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl 

“Ok, I definitely need to incorporate a beret into my wardrobe, but why Laulhere?”

Since 1840, Laulhere has created the most classic berets, made in France, for France. At Laulhere they use the best materials, and the most traditional forms of construction for the best quality possible.  In fact, it is the only classic manufacturer of berets in France today. Laulhere berets are the best choice for first-time beret owners, because they are the most classic and simple option as well as a grand symbol of the French fashion history. Filled with decades of time and incomparable charm, their design can be molded to fit any or all of the above looks and these berets have the quality to last a lifetime.

If we had to guess, Laulhere would definitely be Carrie Bradshaw’s beret of choice… and ours too!

Shop our entire collection of Laulhere berets and start playing around with how this simple accessory, like for so many of our favorite celebrities and movie characters, can take your style to the next level.

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An intimate look behind Philippe Joubert

At first glance, our heart melted and we wanted to snap up all his fantastic and original pieces of artwork.  Parisian Philippe Joubert is a young artist to keep your eye on.  His ethereal fashion designs are at times whimsical, at times bold. We just can’t get enough of his depictions of classic Parisian woman.

Does film play a part when you seek inspiration for your drawings?

Unconsciously, without a doubt.  In the history of cinema, the notable great actors and actresses of their time leave their mark.   For actresses, I am drawn to Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall, Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor…

Do you have a favorite film star, modern or from the past? What’s your favorite film starring him/her?

Romy Schneider springs to mind.  For her beauty, her talent as an actress and for the charm that radiates from her.  One film that I love of hers is César et Rosalie by Claude Sautet. The story is of a woman torn between the man she lives with and a love from her youth.  Its a love story but also, like many of Claude Sautet’s films, its a story of friendship.

Do you ever draw your friends?

Never, mainly because I want to keep them as friends!

Do you have a favorite style time-period or piece that you prefer to draw?

My favorite time period which inspires me the most is unquestionably the 1950s with Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy…

Woman’s silhouettes were strong with long legs peaking out from the newly shortened dresses.  And the illustrators, particularly René Gruau, represented this after-war era with the utmost flamboyance.

Which Set in Paris tour would you most like to take?

Without a doubt, it would be the Sex and the City tour.   When you watch the series, the last episodes of season 6 leave a strong impression.   Carrie Bradshaw is portrayed as particularly chic, glamorous and romantique in these Paris episodes.

Do you have a favorite quote to describe Paris?  Or even a place or something that you love the most about Paris? 

Even though I was born in Paris, Sacha Guitry’s famous quote describes perfectly what it is to be Parisian:

‘Être parisien, ce n’est pas être né à Paris, c’est y renaître.’ 

– Sacha Guitry

‘To be Parisian, it is not to be born in Paris but to be reborn in Paris’

For the place I love the most in Paris it is the Père flagyl antibiotic buy online Lachaise cemetery, magnificent regardless of the season.  I also really like the Musée de la Vie Romantique (Romantic Life Museum), the Buttes-Chaumont park, Luxembourg gardens, Nissim de Camondo museum and of course, the beautiful Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (Hunting Museum).   I love to take time to lose myself in Paris, to wander around, find a cafe and sit on terrace or a park bench and just watch people pass by.

Describe your ideal day in Paris?

I spent an amazing day in Spring under the beautiful sun:  I went to the Medical History Museum, the Saint Sulpice church, I did some shopping on rue du Commerce and at BHV.   I lunched under the sun in a charming bistrot near Odéon, I spent some time at the Gibert bookstore (an ideal day isn’t possible without a bookstore), then I had a drink on a cafe terrace in Châtelet.  For me, an ideal day in Paris is a day spent without rushing around, but taking the time to discover new places.   All this under a clear bright sky, bien sur!

Where do you find inspiration?

A walk in Paris stimulates all my wishes and imagination.  I have a very visual memory so I absorb details from everywhere.   Naturally the intern is a great resource to find inspiration.  But looking for too much inspiration outside of yourself is a trap – I draw best when I forget about everything else and draw from the heart.   To seek out inspiration too hard, one can lose confidence and risks losing the personal touch in their artwork.

Who are the women behind your designs?

They come from my imagination and are generally very elegant and timeless.

What relationship do you have with Parisians?

I have wonderful friends and acquaintances in Paris as well as friendly neighbors.  As everywhere, if you are open, curious and smiling, life is easier.   Still, I fight against gloomy uncivil behaviour.  Let’s put it this way – taking the bus or metro, especially during rush hour, may not be the best way to appreciate Parisians.

Island of Refuge


Island of Refuge – Feature Length Documentary – Extended Trailer from Zed Productions on Vimeo.

Support Island of Refuge's Crowd-Funding Campaign

“Listen to me, my family, this is very important. We are going to go through many villages, many towns, many cities and many borders. Be patient. If you see people pushing, let them push. If you see people shouting, let them shout. Remember this, we are now one big family.”


The tone of the voice, those powerful words…they stay with you long after you’ve seen the trailer.   This is the hauntingly beautiful opening of the extended trailer for the aptly titled ‘Island of Refuge’.  

‘Island of Refuge’ is an upcoming independent feature length documentary film from Oliver Zimmermann, a British-German filmmaker with a passion for telling stories.  He is chronicling the current refugee crisis on the Greek island of Lesbos and how the locals are coping with the massive influx to their small population.

The island is no stranger to diaspora – many of the residents of Lesbos are themselves descendants of refugees. As current wars and strife rage in Iran, Afghanistan and Syria, thousands of innocent families are caught up in the conflicts, struggling to survive.  Many make the arduous decision to cross the narrow sea passage of the Aegean from the Turkish coast to the Greek shores seeking a safe habour. 

Oliver first traveled to Lesbos in November 2015 to make a short film about the burgeoning crisis.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 13.06.44

“It was late at night and I was about to return to Molyvos from a small fishing village along the coastal dirt road where a lot of boats were arriving that year. I had been on the island for two days but because of a storm all the boats had stopped coming,” Zimmermann says as he explains his first encounter with refugees.

“Suddenly, a boat appeared out of the dark, full of refugees. Volunteers and locals were ready to help them get into dry clothes, give them food or information.”


Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.28.00

Each refugee – women, men and children – have different reactions upon arriving at the island.  Some scream in sheer panic, others kiss the ground and embrace their loved ones, some even pose for selfies.


“Why they were forced to leave their homes is utterly engrossing, horrifying, fascinating and inspiring,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmermann got involved in the crisis because the atmosphere on Lesbos spoke to him. He remarks on the beauty of the island, the generosity of the people amidst trauma and horror, and he realized a story needed to be told.  Zimmermann already knew of the tragic situation and of the amazing work volunteers were doing.  But what he never anticipated and what touched him the most has been the incredible welcoming response of the local population.  Even before all the volunteers arrived, the locals were dealing with this influx.  They are overwhelmed but their attitude and willingness to help is steadfast.   Indeed, Oliver was so captured by their generous spirit that his short film has been transformed into a full-length documentary.  Zimmermann loaded up his van with his dog George and trekked across Europe to reach his new home.


Oliver insists it is important to have systems in place to allow people to move to safety with dignity, compassion and without danger to human life.  The mainstream media coverage centers on the refugees, while Zimmermann focuses on personalities and the impact this crisis is having on local life.  His style isn’t focused on shoving cameras in refugees’ faces (they have enough of that) – he films the refugees in a wide shot from afar rather than close up in order to afford them a modicom of dignity. Rather, he explores the lives of the locals as they watch boats full of refugees pouring into the island day after day, as their parents and grandparents had before them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 13.12.50

The island is full of compassion, selflessness and sacrifice – all ideals that made Zimmermann want to give back to the island with this documentary.


His unique project has inspired both a cinematographer and an editor to come to Lesbos to help finish the film.  They have received a donation from a charity foundation called Movement on the Ground, which fell in love with the trailer for the film and became captivated by the project (how can you not!).  The team still needs funds in order to tell this important story and have launched a crowd-funding campaign.

Zimmermann’s way with people has allowed him to integrate into the small local population.  In conducting his interviews, he is now in the privileged position to count them as friends.  This total immersion into island life is taking the documentary to another level because he achieves a level of openness and honesty that an outsider simply wouldn’t be privy to.

Oliver and his team are determined to do justice to these individual stories that represent such a pivotal moment in the history and legacy of this tiny island with a very big heart.

For more information on Oliver and his film ‘Island of Refuge’ & to support his crowdfunder effort:

Let's get this story told

Information on ways you can help the crisis  I

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.40.03

How to Pécho the French… Learn their Slang

La haine


It is one thing to learn a few common expressions to get around once you are in Paris, but school French is not going to get you very far. If you want to master the French language, you need to twist it around like they do, you need to love it but as Lady Gaga says “when it’s love, if it’s not rough it isn’t fun.”

There are many different types of slang in French. Scratch that, a whole lot of types. As with any slang, it often starts with the need to talk in public without being understood by laymen passers-by. Verlan is probably the most used form of slang in France and parts of it have now become common French expressions.

The whole idea behind it is so simple it makes it even more enjoyable: simply take the beginning of the word and put it at the end. “Invert” in French is called “l’envers” which once processed as we explained becomes “vers – l’en” and therefore Verlan.

What might seem in theory completely obvious is in fact really not so easy in everyday life. It takes what French refer to as mental gymnastics, and like any kind of sports it takes practice just to be able to do it on a regular basis.

But how did it start exactly? That’s where it gets tricky. Verlan was designed to answer a need for secrecy, and it is therefore really difficult to properly trace back its roots. Even though we could find usages of metathesis- the rearranging of sounds or syllables in a word- in the 12th century, the first real proof of verlan as secret language dates back to 1842. It is a letter from an infamous French convict named the Hyena written in Verlan and titled “Lontou 1842” where Lontou stands for the French town of Toulon as most of you will have guessed.

But Verlan took off for real during World War II: though some Germans spoke French, even the most fluent ones struggled to understand Verlan. Resistance fighters used it as a means to communicate safely, just like Americans used Navajo Indian. With all due respect [to Enigma], as intricate and sophisticated as it was, Benedict Cumberbatch was able to break it, whereas Verlan was so simple and so effective, French people were actually able to use it throughout the whole war without it ever failing as a secret language.

Of course, some words work better in Verlan than others, and it all comes down to Vernacular usage. Nowadays, without any Germans to confuse anymore, it was at first an underground trend before becoming mainstream.

Don’t get me wrong, nowadays everybody knows a little Verlan and uses it from time to time, but it still takes a lot of effort to be able to fully speak Verlan, and very few people can do so effectively. Now here are common Verlan expressions you might hear or try to use when in Paris:

Let’s begin with the infamous “Zyva”: the most cliché wannabe thug word. Lots of young kids use it whenever they can. It is the invert of “vas-y”, French for “let’s go”. But it has become so overused it is now used more as punctuation than as a proper word.
For example : “Matthieu, zyva, tu vas te faire virer si tu continues comme ça,” which translates in English to: “Matthew, zyva, you are gonna get fired if you keep doing this.”

If you start hearing it too much, you might have ended up in the wrong neighbourhood of Paris, but the fact that you just got mugged should have been the first warning. Most of you will end up only having FUN in the City of Lights, so let’s speak about “golri”; in French ‘to laugh’ is spelled “rigoler.”


Our inside guide to the most used as well as the coolest phrases in le Verlan that you’ll often hear being used by locals in Paris.


C’est la “Demer”!

C’est un truc de “Ouf”!

C’est ma “Meuf”

C’est bon t’es “Relou”

Les Keuf

J’vais la Pécho

A Donf


Une grosse teuf

Un Rebeu

C’est trop chanmé

La Zik

Laisse béton

J’suis Foncedé

Une Caillera

C’est chelou

C’est Zarbi

A tarplus

Le Zinc

Je suis Seultout

La Teci

Mon poto

La Darone/ Le Daron

La Mifa


C’est la merde!

C’est un truc de fou!

C’est ma femme, ma copine

C’est bon t’es lourd/chiant

Les flics


A fond


Une grande fete

Un Arabe

C’est trop bien

La musique

Laisse tomber

Je suis défoncé

Une racaille

C’est louche

C’est bizzard

A plustard

Le cousin

Je suis tout seul

La cite

Mon pote

La Maman/ Le Papa

La famille


It’s shit!

It’s a crazy thing!

It’s my girl

You’re annoying


Make out

Super loud (context)


A big party

An Arab

It’s so cool!

The music

Let it go

I’m high

A thug

It’s weird

It’s bizzard


My cousin

I’m all alone

The projects

My friend

The mother/ The father

The family


Celebrities who live in Paris!

scarlett johannson blonde

Ever wonder where your favorite stars and starlets reside in the City of Lights? Look no further!

Check out the comprehensive list of American and French actors below to find out!

When Scarlet was married to her then French husband advertising exec Romain Dauriac, she was living in Paris with him and their daughter Rose Dorothy.  She was often seen strolling around Saint Germain.   Together they introduced the French to flavored popcorn with their store Yummy Pop in the Marais on the other side of the Seine river.   

When married to actress Amber Heard, Depp sold his French chateau in order to buy a ranch in Texas where is new wife is from. Don’t worry, he still has a home in Paris, especially since his daughter Lily-Rose is the new face of Chanel. It was often rumored that Depp lived near the Eiffel Tower, but he actually lives in Le Marais in the hip 3rd arrondisement.

It’s no surprise that Kim and Kanye are jet-setters and love to visit Paris (as mentioned on their hit reality TV show). They often stay at the Royal Monceau when they’re in town, but Kanye also has an apartment near Place Madeline in the 8th arrondisement on Rue de Rocher.  Whether they will stay here following Kim’s awful break-in and theft isn’t clear.

Married with a 4-year-old son Aleph, Portman spends her time residing in the 10th arrondisement in Paris, but can often be spotted in the 7th arrondisement, where her son goes to school. She has reportedly admitted her love of French culture and the Parisien lifestyle. Sadly, her husband recently stepped down as the head of the ballet and there are rumors she will be returning to life in the U.S.

In Paris, everything seems easier…The French are more natural than Americans, that’s obvious…I spend my time observing to try to imitate them…In Paris, I wear red. This is perfect for the most chic capital of the world


A friend of mine taught me that when you go in some place you have to say “bonjour” before you say anything else, then you have to wait two seconds before you say something else.So if you go into a store you can’t be like “do you have this in another size”, or they’ll think you’re super rude and then they’ll be rude to you

Daily Mail 2016

In Paris, everything seems easier…The French are more natural than Americans, that’s obvious…I spend my time observing to try to imitate them…In Paris, I wear red. This is perfect for the most chic capital of the world


A friend of mine taught me that when you go in some place you have to say “bonjour” before you say anything else, then you have to wait two seconds before you say something else.So if you go into a store you can’t be like “do you have this in another size”, or they’ll think you’re super rude and then they’ll be rude to you

Daily Mail 2016

The infamous white-haired designer of Chanel lives in the 1st arrondisement, near Palais Royal, the Louvre and of course, Chanel. He has two homes right next to each other, one for sleeping and painting, one for eating and socializing. He has a very specific routine, so if you head out to 21 Rue Cambon (the original Chanel) you might just be lucky enough to catch him heading to the studio at 5 pm.

Paris Paris la nuit est un cauche­mar en ce moment. Ce n’est plus une carte postale. Je dois avouer que toute ma vie, je n’ai jamais vu Paris aussi sombre

Paris reste le meilleur endroit pour la mode.”


This English heartthrob resides in the 16th arrodisement of Paris in a luxurious penthouse apartment. His neighborhood is high-end and elegant and Harry has been quoted talking about how much he loves his building’s old world charm and romantic architecture and hopes to spend holidays with his friends and family there. He has quite the real estate portfolio, as he owns houses all over the world including London and Hollywood.

Although Hilary’s relationship with French real estage developer Laurent fizzled out, her love for Paris has endured.   Although she doesn’t spend as much time in Paris as before, she could be regularly spotted riding her bike all over the Montparnasse area of Paris.

A Left Bank girl, she shared with Harper’s Bazarre who she redecorated her lovely Paris apartment.  

It’s more beauty than your eyes can even imagine, every which way you look.

C’est amusant, car aujourd’hui quand je suis à Paris, je pense en français 

Its funny because now when I’m in Paris, I think in French

Le Parisien

According to her interview with Elle magazine, Diane is a Left Bank girl leaving in Saint Germain near Cafe de Flore where she hangs out a lot and knows the waiters by name.   She first came to Paris at the age of 16 to try and break out as a model.   Although she still has her German citizenship, Paris is the city where she feels most at home.

Keeping up with the Kardashians in Paris

None of us can deny that the Kardashian family and their drama that follows suit is pretty entertaining. The dynasty that includes the family’s pride and joy, Kim K, is practically American royalty. So its no surprise that they would jet to Paris for a quick R&R and what Kim calls “the best cheeseburger in the world.” Here is our list of Kim and her famous clan’s favorite Parisien spots!

14. Rue du Rocher

If you want to run into Kanye, then be sure to head over to this street in the 8th arrondisement, where he has a chic 2-story apartment. It was featured on the wedding episode, but we don’t know what the outside looks like or what number it is but we do know that Kanye definitely lives there…when he’s not staying at luxurious five-star hotels down the block, however. 


It’s a small gourmet bar with a handful of tables, located in the 1st arrondisement. Think the prices are out-of-this world since it’s a Kardashian hot spot? Think again. It has moderate pricing and an eclectic mix of Venezuelan tapas and of course, the Ferdi burger.

Another eatery that Kim and her hubbie Kanye frequent is this Hollywood hotspot in the 8th arrondisement, right across from Dior! Kim claims to love the red velvet interior, but prefers to sit out on the terrace, especially when momager Kris is in town. The prices are a bit steeper than Ferdi’s, given that it attracts some big name clientele. But everyone can agree, L’Avenue is not to be missed.

Kardashians can be spotted their quite often along with the likes of Serena Williams, Jessica Alba, Cara Delevigne and Karlie Kloss.

A small, dimly lit sushi bar, this little joint is frequented by Kim and Kanye when they want a bit more privacy. It’s located right around the corner from Le Grand Colbert and Palais Royal.  The restaurant is famous for their udon noodles, which people claim are the best in Paris.

Located just around the corner near Rue Saint Anne which is a mini Japanese area with lots of great Japaense reataurants is their little sister restaurant: Ubon Bistro Kunitoraya which is also trendy with a smaller price tag.

When Kourtney Kardashian comes to town she prefers to stay at the very chic George V, a luxurious Four Seasons location right near the Champs-Elysees where she loves to shop for herself and her children. The cheapest room for rent? If you can shell out 1200 euros a night for it, it’s yours! It boasts lavish accomodations, an indoor pool and a Michelin-star restaurant.

Right around the corner from Hotel Costes is this small, high-ceilinged brasserie which boasts an amazing collection of seafoods, meats and desserts. The Kardashians, especially matriarch Kris Jenner, enjoy stopping here for lunch between the designer shops.


It’s no surprise that when Kim and Kanye come to Paris they want to stay in the most fabulous accomodations. Want to stay there too? It’s a cool 6,000 euros a night! It’s rumored that Leo de Caprio frequents this French masterpiece as well, given that it has its own movie theater inside. Of course, it has to be five-star all the way for Kim.

When Kourtney Kardashian comes to town she prefers to stay at the very chic George V, a luxurious Four Seasons location right near the Champs-Elysees where she loves to shop for herself and her children. The cheapest room for rent? If you can shell out 1200 euros a night for it, it’s yours! It boasts lavish accomodations, an indoor pool and a Michelin-star restaurant.

Once you’re done getting your hair dyed to perfection, take a quick walk down the block to this five-star hotel and famous restaurant. Kim and her mom dine here whenever they’re in town. It’s rumored that the Beckhams stay here too. For 15,000 euros a night you can stay in the Imperial Suite, which the likes of many Hollywood names have slept.

un pain au chocolat s'il vous plait

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Since Kanye’s been breaking out in the fashion biz, they often venture to the LV headquarters just outside of Paris when they’re in town. They have meetings at the fabulous Le Frank Restaurant but there’s also some amazing Chinese art on display. The exhibitions are called avant-garde and unique. Of course Kim would be seen there, she’s admitted she’s a sucker for Louis Vuitton.

If you watch the t.v. show enough, you’ll see that the Kardashians travel to Paris quite often, as they claim it’s one of their favorite spots, mainly because they love fashion week and all things fashion for that matter. Kris is quoted saying, “It’s Kourtney and my tradition that we get to Paris and we hit the ground running.” They seem to love the vintage carousel between the Eiffel Tower and the Seine.

If you watch the t.v. show enough, you’ll see that the Kardashians travel to Paris quite often, as they claim it’s one of their favorite spots, mainly because they love fashion week and all things fashion for that matter. Kris is quoted saying, “It’s Kourtney and my tradition that we get to Paris and we hit the ground running.” They seem to love the vintage carousel between the Eiffel Tower and the Seine.

So given that it’s Kim and Kanye’s big day, they would spare no expense (420,000 euros) to rent out Versailles for a private guided tour and rehearsal dinner for 600 of their closest friends and family. Guests included Johnny Depp, Beyoncé and a performance by Lana del Rey. It’s a rare occasion when Versailles will let individuals rent out the chateau, especially when they have a private fireworks show in the garden! It’s so exclusive, the palace wouldn’t even let Kim and Kanye have their wedding there, so they had to move it to a fabulous villa in Italy. Thinking of renting out Versailles for you and your girlfriends? Think again. But do stop by to check out the chateau and imagine Kim K clad in a white silk Lanvin gown, with soon-to-be husband Kanye dressed in a beige suit by her side.

If you do indeed keep up with this famous family and their outrageous reality t.v. show, then you’ve probably noticed they love the designer label Balmain, based out of Paris and designed by Olivier Rousteing. Kim, mom and famous sisters love to shop here when they’re in town and get a sneak peak at all the fabulous pieces from Balmain’s new collections. Located in the 1st arrondisement on Rue Francois, it’s just a short stroll from the Champs-Elysees.

If you do indeed keep up with this famous family and their outrageous reality t.v. show, then you’ve probably noticed they love the designer label Balmain, based out of Paris and designed by Olivier Rousteing. Kim, mom and famous sisters love to shop here when they’re in town and get a sneak peak at all the fabulous pieces from Balmain’s new collections. Located in the 1st arrondisement on Rue Francois, it’s just a short stroll from the Champs-Elysees.

Since Kanye’s been breaking out in the fashion biz, they often venture to the LV headquarters just outside of Paris when they’re in town. They have meetings at the fabulous Le Frank Restaurant but there’s also some amazing Chinese art on display. The exhibitions are called avant-garde and unique. Of course Kim would be seen there, she’s admitted she’s a sucker for Louis Vuitton.

When Kim wanted to get in shape (or more in shape) ahead of her nuptials, she choose this trendy Parisian gym.   With individual coaching and group classes such as boxing and yoga as well as massage, you can join Kim’s exclusive and trendy Parisian gym.  L’Usine means the Factory in English.

Top Things To Do in Paris’s Latin Quarter

Owen Wilson Odette

So you’ve been on our tour, seen the Il de la Cité and now you’re probably hungry, looking to put your feet up for a second and interested in seeing what else Paris has to offer right around our office. Here are our top 10 picks for outings around our neck o’ the woods.

3. The Latin Quarter

By exploring this fabulous “quartier” that is full of tiny cobblestone streets, slanted Parisian buildings from the Medieval period, quaint cafes, and old stone churches, it is so easy to be charmed. Here, you can find piano bars with basement rooms converted from old prison cells (where some prisoners carved into the stone and the chains and handcuffs that kept them locked up). Strolling down this quarter is wonderful and dreamy because of the great jazz and food , and also much more unique than roaming around busier areas like the Louvre and Rue de Rivoli on the Right Bank. Come night time, it’s buzzing with energy and light.


2. Saint-Germain des Pres


This area adjacent to the Latin Quarter (where our office is) is quint-essential Paris. It’s full of high-end shops, fabulous cafes such as Cafe de Flore and Les Deux Magots and the famous macaron shop, La Durée. Its always bustling with people and energy and is also where our Sex and the City and Gossip Girl tours are based in. It’s a great place for those who love to shop and eat! But never fear, it’s not all shopping. The famous Saint-Sulpice church is in Saint Germain, which was the model for the church in the Da Vinci Code. It’s a great place to take a seat outside of with its beautiful facade and fountain in the center of the exterior plaza.

Boat cruise on the Seine


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Just steps from our Set in Paris office is one of the most visited sites in the world, the Notre Dame Cathedral. For more than 850 years now, Notre Dame has seen Paris through highs and lows both cultural and historic. The queue may be long but it moves quickly, we promise — plus entrance to the cathedral is free of charge!

So you saw the famous cathedral on the tour, but don’t let that stop you from taking a couple extra minutes to venture inside. It’s much bigger than you think on the inside and made completely of off-white stone. It’s filled with large, stone arches and columns and beautiful rod-iron chandeliers. And of course, there are the majestic North and South stained glass Rose Windows.  It’s also home to a number of movies, including the Disney classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Amélie. And for those more adventurous, feel free to climb up one of the bell towers to get a sweeping view of Paris.

When you’re in Paris, this activity goes without saying but we’re adding it to the list because it is literally 20 steps from our office. Grab a crepe on your way there – the carts are everywhere – and walk down to the river. On a sunny day, there’s nothing else like it. Make sure to bring your camera and a good book, sitting on the Seine might just be the most relaxing thing to do in Paris! Watch the boats go by and look at the beautiful back of Notre Dame and Ile Saint-Louis.
So there are a million places in Paris along the Seine to catch a boat tour, but there just so happens to be one 20 steps from the office. It is great for all ages, affordable, easily accessible and is a great way to see the city. You cruise down the Seine past Notre Dame, around the island, past the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay and go all the way to the Eiffel Tower in about 45 minutes. On a beautiful day, the water sparkles and nothing is more enjoyable. Don’t forget to visit all the houseboats along the river and even the dinner cruises! Au revoir and bonne journée!
For those who love all things reading and writing, the bookstore is a quaint and charming place to go grab a new read.   The bookstore has an amazing range of books about Paris by local authors.  Upstairs, you’ll find a piano and an amazing reference library as well as their live-in cat.  Its also a great place for tourists because the staff speaks English! There is also a beautiful little park right next to it.

The epitome of Parisian grandeur and natural beauty, the Luxembourg Garden is perhaps the most relaxing site in all the city. Whether you choose to bring a book or to bring a friend, the Gardens will calm the weary traveler’s every nerve.

Here stands the original model for the Statue of Liberty   Fun Fact: Cosette and Marius met here in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. 

Just a quick and lovely walk from the office, you’ll find this massive structure which looks very Grecian and Roman with it’s columns and vault. Originally a church, this building is now a massive mausoleum and home to many Parisian big shots. It’s colorful and grand on the inside and there is even the option to climb to that top for a great view of Paris’ Left Bank. Its quite striking when you walk up to the Pantheon and it is a memorable thing in Paris for sure. And just around the corner, you can find the church with the steps where Owen Wilson sat waiting for the vintage car to whisk him away to the 1920s.

If you’re interested in visiting Parisian sites like the catacombes and the Pere Lachaise cemetery, The Pantheon may be the next logical stop on your tour. Modelled after the Pantheon in Rome, this grand feat of architecture has served as the eternal resting place for dozens of historical figures since the end of the 18th century. The Mausoleum currently holds the tombs of French legends Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Emile Zola, Marie Curie, and many more.

Romy Schneider Jardins du Luxembourg



Romy Schneider in the Jardins du Luxembourg

Take a stroll down Quai Montebello and check out this spectacular church. It was built by the king when the court house used to be the old palace. The king was so lazy (and so wealthy) that he built a church just for himself so he can have quick access as soon as he stepped out of his bedroom. The steep spiral staircase is mind blowing, not the mention the walls covered in huge, colorful stained glass windows that will literally take your breath away when the sun hits them just right. We dub this as our favorite church in Paris – and definitely the most beautiful

A quick stroll from the Pantheon, this is one of Paris’ biggest and most beautiful gardens. In the spring and summer, it is full of blooming flowers and bright green trees. In the center is a large fountain, where we recommend you sit with a good book and just unwind. The garden itself is very spread-out, with winding paths and plenty of areas of both sun and shade. Gardens are so Parisian, and this one is grand and beautiful!

The epitome of Parisian grandeur and natural beauty, the Luxembourg Garden is perhaps the most relaxing site in all the city. Whether you choose to bring a book or to bring a friend, the Gardens will calm the weary traveler’s every nerve.

Fun Fact: Cosette and Marius met here in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. 

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Paris Hilton in Paris

Miss Hilton knows to visit Eric Kayser in the city that shares her first name


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Funny titles for American films in France

marquis picture

French translations of Hollywood films vary from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Here’s our favorite!

There is a strong tendency in the French film industry to translate original Hollywood movie titles into other English titles. The original English titles are changed into another English titles, much easier to understand, to make them more accessible to French people. Actually, the French are considered to have poor English vocabulary and not speaking English very well. So, films distributors avoid titles considered as so difficult to pronounce for French people. For example, the article “the” is often deleted. French people can’t reach to pronounce it correctly, it’s so difficult for them!!! So, The Monuments Men became Monuments Men, The Shinning (Shinning)…  Moreover, for French audience, and for the French usually, the use of English is synonymous with modernity and cool.

We’ve selected some of them, so, enjoy funny English movie titles for French audiences!

American Hustle

American Hustle

American Bluff

Is Bluff an easier word than hustle?

monuments men

THE Monuments Men

monuments men french poster

No-prefix Monuments Men

Silver Linings

Silver Linings Playbook

Happiness therapy

No silver linings here

The Hangover

The Hangover

Very bad trip

a Very Bad Trip (surely they didn’t mean the drug connotation?)

Knight and Day

Knight & Day

Night and Day

No chivalry here (French wouldn’t necessary get the play on words)

up in the air movie poster

Up in the air…

up in the air french movie poster

All settled now

Get him to the Greek

Get Him to the Greek

American Trip

Huh? I’m thinking this one was lost in translation

I give it a year

I Give It A Year

Mariage à l'anglaise

English-style Marriage…do they only last a year?!

Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality

miss detective poster

No such congeniality here

Cool Runnings

Rasta Rocket (What a translation!!)

The Other Guys

very bad cops poster

Very Bad Cops


Let’s talk about sex baby!

French distributors have rather peculiar tastes, they love to use the words “american” and “sex” (almost everywhere) when they turn original Hollywood movie titles into English titles for French audiences.

This way, Cruel Intentions was changed into Sexe Intentions, Not Another Teen Movie (Sex Academy), No Strings Attached (Sex Friends), and so on… It’s such a strange obsession! Such titles probably make the movie more attractive for French people!

That’s the reason why Hollywood movie titles in France are changed into easier English terms instead of simply being translated into French.



Kiss & Kill french poster

This time there’s kissing!

no strings attached poster

No Strings Attached

Sex friends

Same idea, slightly less elegantly put

The love punch

The Love Punch

Duo d'escrocs

‘Pair of Crocks’…where’s the love?

Cruel intentions

Cruel Intentions

Sexe intentions

Very clear intentions!

Not another teen movie

Not Just Another Teen Movie

Sex academy

Just another teen movie!

made in dagenham poster

Made in Dagenham

we want sex equality poster

Gets the point across



Wild Things


How to put the story line into one word that sells