Studying in Paris, look no further for a guide of bookshops, study spaces, restaurants, and weekend activities. Live like a real Parisian!

Start your typical Parisian student week by wandering from bookshops to libraries.


  • If you’re fluent enough in French, you can explore the Saint Michel’s neighbourhood and enter into Gibert Joseph. Feeling a little bit homesick ? Come by Shakespeare and Company, the cutest english library in Paris. For antique books lovers, you should — by the Parc George Brassens market every weekends.
  • If you’re more of the library type, — the 13th arrondissement and pick between the biggest French library “Bibliotheque Nationale de France” or the Diderot’s University Library (anyone can consult the books there and there english section on the 3rd floor is pretty decent in various field : literature, history, political sciences, economics…).

  • Co-working space are still quiet a new thing in Paris, especially if you want something more cosy and more personal than a Starbucks. Set in Paris Cafe   is a great option if you’re located in the center of Paris (free wifi!), but we also recommend the 108 cafe restaurant/library in La Villette for the great mix of restaurant and bookshop it offers, or the Cordee around Gare de Lyon if you’re looking for a quiet and modern working space.

Need to bite a eat between two classes or before going out ? here is our selection of the best deals you can have in Paris.



  1. l’Omelette qui se la pete (“the showing off beaten eggs”) The British may have the best scrambled eggs in the World, but the French are pretty good with their omelet too. Try this specialized restaurant in the 2nd arrondissement serving their biggest menu for 15 euros.
  2. For those who are looking for a vegetarian option, you should give a try to Freegan Pony, a new concept restaurant based on the recycling of food leftovers to treat vegetarians too.  
  3. If you really can’t bare typical french food, you should definitely try the Kraft Hog Dog in le Marais. For 4 to 6 euros you’ll get the best hot dog of Paris. There is even a trendy version with avocado !

Of course, just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you don’t want to enjoy Paris’ great fashion spirit. Two options open up to you here

  1. Either shop in a friperie (second hand stores) full of designers’ and vintage clothes. We would recommend Le mouton a 5 pattes and the neighborhood of Sevres Babylone to make you feel even more like a chic Parisian !
  2. If you prefer brand new clothes, the Vallee Village, less than 30 min away from Paris in RER, is a must-do. This french mall of cut label clothing will certainly not let you down.
  3. If you’re looking for a mix of big brands and little boutiques, Chatelet is the best spot you could find, in the very center of Paris.

Want to go out with your new French Friends or your programme’s buddies ?


  • Start easy with a glass of wine in Odeon, at L’Avant Comptoir. They serve delicious French tapas and amazing French wine for a decent price in this all time — district.  
  • Keep going with a cocktail at the Moonshiner in a Prohibition’s vibe or the original Experimental Cocktail Club.   
  • Sway your hip on the dancefloor at the Duplex on les Champs Elysees !
  • Finish the night in a typical Irish pub with an all night long kitchen (their nachos are LIT by 4 am, promise)  ; the Corcoran’s.


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