On Friday, February 26th, the 41ème Nuit des César (the 41th edition of the annual César Awards – the French equivalent of America’s Oscars) was held at the Théâtre du Châtelet. Of course, the Set in Paris team had to go.  On this chilly night, we huddled together for warmth, waiting with baited breath, our eyes straining to see the red carpet and catch a glimpse of the first celebrities and stars as they arrived.  And it was so worth it!

Journalists and staff running around like headless chickens, everyone getting ready for the arrival of the stars… It was really cool and interesting to get a behind the scenes look at all the preparation that goes into a red carpet event.

Finally, we got our chance to take some photos and it was a great moment!!! Amazing dresses, many journalists and paparazzis, black cars, glitter, people shouting the names of celebrities, high heels, beautiful people…welcome to the show.

Unfortunately, we were not able to enter the theatre to attend the ceremony 🙁   Our invite must have gotten lost in the post… Maybe next year, who knows? (Fingers crossed!).   

Feast your eyes on our pictures of the red carpet where we give you the down-low on who’s who in French celebrity royalty.  





Our favorite part – watching Michael Douglas with his adorable rehearsed French whilst receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award.   Although he isn’t fluent, he didn’t use a translator and made the effort to memorise his speech in French.  Kudos to him – very brave and respectful.

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