Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to meet with and interview a young, upcoming French actor and director by the name of Aurélien Desanlis. At only 27 years old, Aurélien has already accomplished many great feats.

Raised Aurélien Desanlis 2 !in the foothills of Champagne, he studied in Lyon briefly before moving to Paris to enrol in a three year acting school. He says that he’s always wanted to direct but it wasn’t until recently that his dream came true.

Working in the streets of Paris, Aurélien noticed that there was a kind of sadness looming over the city. He imagined the story of a perfectly matched girl and a boy, consumed by this sadness, unable to do anything more than shuffle through the streets, heads down and never looking up long enough to notice each other. With all of the negativity created by sad news stories, current events, and pessimistic people, the boy and girl would never be compelled to take in the world around them and meet. Moved by this idea, Aurélien decided to write and direct the story as a silent short film, enlisting the help of friends to create it. He even had to negotiate with Warner for the rights to the music used in his film, taking him three months to locate the son of the original musician so that he could help him gain them. Filming, he says, was difficult; taking three complete days to finish. Today, the film is up on Viewster and is in the running for the website’s movie competition.

The short film has brought a lot of exciting new changes to Aurélien’s life. It helped bring together his new group, OAK (Of All Kind) Citizens; a group devoted to the dramatic arts and to using this universal art as a means of communication without the borders or limitations that are created by language barriers. He realises that humans, no matter where they live, are all the same and can relate to one another. So, he hopes to use his group to convey universal truths and relatable messages without words. The group is completely international and consists of two composers, one musician, two photographers, nine actors, and even one mime. The mime, Aurélien tells us, is actually one of the very last students of the world’s most famous mime: Marcel Marceau.

Aurélien Desanlis 6Partly with the help of his short film, Aurélien hopes to earn the reputation and funds necessary to perform his next theatrical work, a play he says begs the question of “how much can you
suffer to reach your dreams?” The play is about the journey of a group of struggling actors, working odd jobs, trying to pursue a life of celebrity and fame. It is being supported by the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication and purely showcases the talents of undiscovered artists. Even the costumes will be made by Parisian designers that are hoping to one day make a name for themselves.

Keep an eye out for his group’s new website and make sure to watch his video on Viewster and vote!

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