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I’m superexcited about this blog post because it is no ordinary blog post – introducing our very own tour guide, Josiane.  Josiane is all smiles, has a knack with people and comes from a cinematographic backgound.

Last summer she finally settled in Paris after various media jobs that took her to far flung places around the world including Equador, Malawi, Cameroon and Paraguy.  Josiane originally hails from Montreal, Canada (yes, it means she speaks both English and French fluently) and did the classic thing: fell in love and ended up in this magical city!   Josiane is a filmmaker and loves to get involved in all aspects of filming – from scriptwriting to the creation of digital media.  Her passion for film stems from her love of meeting people from all walks of life.  She’s been involved with all manner of projects, from big video productions down to intimate weddings.  Check out her website to see more examples of her work.

Her new short film Je Suis Une Infidelite (I Am Unfaithful) has been entered in the Nikon Film Festival competition and we want to support her.  This is her first foray into fictional work after a background largely doing documentaries.

Filmed over two days, the clip is a charming short film, written and directed by Josiane, about a man who absolutely despises his wife’s cooking but doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, so he pretends to love it and keeps sneaking over to his mom’s house.    The premise is hilarious, inspried by Josiane’s own brothers who live on their own but head over to get a taste of their mom’s cooking any chance they get.   Josiane herself recently moved in with her French boyfriend and realised that when you live with someone, you have to respect their feelings.    Thus, the idea was borne for this funny short film.

The film came together with everyone on the team contributing input and ideas.  Indeed, this is what Josiane particularly loves about her work – the sense of accomplishment when you start with a simple idea and see it come alive on the screen through a collaborate process.   When you get a team that bonds and works well togethter, this is where she feels the magic really happens that makes all the hard work and long hours worth it.

 Josiane’s Tip:  The best way to make something truly great and authentic is to write or do something that you already know about.    

Exclusive behind the scenes photos from the shooting:

The lead actor, Samuel Messaoud, really got into the role and came out with fun ideas for his character


Imagine having to cook badly for the filming – that is something I could have helped with!


Josiane’s loves the synergy and creativity that came from the bond developed by the team


Sameul Messaoud comes from a theatre stage background in Paris but judging by this performance, he’s made for the big screen too!

We asked Josiane to share with us her favorite French film which is the comedy Le Dîner de Cons and a great French Canadian movie she also recommends is Tom A La Ferme (Tom at the Farm) by Xavier Dolan (though this one is not a comedy!)


Look out for Josiane on one of our tours or, fingers crossed, at your next Film Festival!

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