Set in Paris brings the films of Paris to life and highlights Paris as undoubtedly, the leading lady.

French movies provide a window into the French spirit and mindset – that je ne sais quoi that is so hard for a foreigner to enter.  Foreign movies, especially Hollywood movies, that choose to feature the entire story or simply a scene in Paris are equally insightful – showing us how foreigners view this magical city and what it represents for them.   French TV series are become increasingly popular abroad and are starting to receive the spotlight they deserve.   Due to tax incentives, filming in the French capital has never been so popular.   A renewed appetite for historical drama transports us to the Paris of the past, where exciting real and imaginary characters are brought to life – the Vikings, d’Artagnan, Marie Antoinette, Quasimodo, Edith Piaf, Mesrine, Coco Chanel, Jean Valjean, Cardinal Richeleu, Danton, King Louis XIV and many more.

Cinema has its roots in Paris after all which still remains a strong source of pride and both in front and behind the camera, France has produced passionate and iconic individuals that have left their mark – Jean Luc Goddard, Luc Besson, Gerard Depardieu….  More and more, cinema is become a universal language to share stories and the zeitgeist of a particular time.

In our blog, we’ll take you behind-the-scenes featuring personal stories, great locations and bien sûr, movies & TV shows set in Paris.   We celebrate the French and their close relation with film.

Written and curated by our passionate team who love all things Paris & Cinema.

The Set in Paris Team x