Hunt for treasure at the renowned Flea Market of Saint-Ouen


4-hour Shopping Tour

By request

PRICE (per person)


Includes transport



Set In Paris Box Office





– Converse with the traders

– Strike a bargain

– Own a piece of French history

– Be transported to a by-gone time


The world’s biggest and best vintage & antique flea market – its an institution!  You never know just what you’ll happen upon.   Over recent years, the popularity of the market has increased the price but there’s still incredible bargains to unearth.    There’s really something special for everyone at all budgets.  You may have an idea of what you want to find but come across something completely unexpected – that is the beauty of vintage shopping.

With more than 9 miles of ailes, there’s over 2,500 stalls spread across 15 acres. It can be daunting for first-time visitors, especially to navigate and even to find the start of the market.  Our tour includes a guide that speaks the lingo and can bargain for your best find.  It also includes transport so that you can focus on the most important thing – shopping! The sellers at the market are a unique breed and amazing to converse with – they are passionate & knowledgable about their work.  Your tour can be tailored to pieces you are looking for and periods you are interested in.

This is the flea market that Gil wandered through in Midnight in Paris and met the girl of his dreams.  In upcoming Bastille Day with Idris Elba, the market is the setting of a chase scene and we know its going to be epic.  In The Words, Bradley Cooper buys a vintage briefcase on his honeymoon in Paris – it contains the story of an American war veteran that stayed on in Paris and forms the basis of the storyline.

What piece will have all your friends asking where you got it?

To which you coyly reply:  

“Sorry, its a one off and its mine!

Handwritten postcards, military hats & medals, and hunting paraphernalia

From Napoleon's officers to peasants like in Les Misérables, these pieces belong to a their own particular era in time, each with their own story.

Chandeliers, chaise lounges, gilded bird cages, vintage tea sets & silverware

If objects could talk...they might say 'we once adorned Versailles or even the Chateau de Chambord from Beauty & the Beast.'

 Oil paintings, original prints & wall clocks

If you are lucky, their story has been passed down and the vendors know their provenience.  
Sometimes however your imagination has to fill in the blanks as you wonder who this object once belonged to and how they must have cherished it.

Diamond rings, Chanel necklaces, Dior earrings

From an array of costume jewelry through to designer brands, let your inner magpie shine with all that sparkles & glitters.  
These jewels were perhaps the frosting worn by celebrities, diplomats & aristocracy.  

Silks, tapestries, buttons & lace 

The trimmings, ribbons and fastenings - the market is a wealth of inspiration and the fashion industry's best kept secret.  
You'll leave brimming with ideas...or even hats (excuse the pun!) 
Chapeau Bas! Bravo!

Exquisite hangbags & vintage travel cases

Its always good to have in the back of your mind something you are want,
be it a gold antique frame for your favorite picture or a limited edition of The Three Muskateers -
but what you end up finding isn't always what you expect.
We happened upon this Louis Vuitton Limited Edition handbag by Marc Jacobs create for the movie Marie Antoinette.  
It was, as the French say, a Coup de Foudre (literally 'a strike of lightening') - which is their elegant way of saying Love at First Sight.