As a start up, we are lucky enough to have passionate wonderful people around us that go to great lengths to help us build a caring and fun company.  From Abigail’s mum Leila who is our in-house artist, Tsil & Pam who have generously photographed our tours, Matthew our first intern who helped us move into our first office and plan a cool opening party, Fabien who gave us direction, James who gave us marketing advice, Magdelena & Amber who gave us inspiration, Anelisa & Anissa who got us super organised, Carlie who helped us start awesome partnerships, Maggie, Dara and Alice who wrote great blog articles (Alice has even decided to head to journalism school in Paris so we get to keep her around), Colter who filmed the video above and Alison who edited lots more, all our wonderful Parisian neighbours in the Latin Quarter who encourage us and give us tips on how to navigate working in Paris, most notably Pauline who is our Parisian style inspiration (and Léo’s mother), Wilfred at L’Oie Qui Fume, Awsa at Bar Onze and Stephan at Freescoot for all their time and advice we’d be lost without. And to all the wonderful tour guides and interns that have come and gone but will always have a place at Set in Paris.


  Abigail – Director

A British/American, Abigail loves her adopted city and the French façon de vivre. Her love affair with Paris started at a young age watching and re-watching the movie Gigi.   With a background in antiquities and hospitality, Abigail founded Set in Paris as a way to share her love for Paris and the movies that celebrate the city.

Favorite Movie Set in Paris: Diplomat

Favorite Parisian Cafe: L’Oie Qui Fume

Must have: A French bulldog, a great friend(s) and a bottle of rosé on a cafe terrace

Dislikes: Alarm clocks


 Antoine – Tour Guide

Antoine is a born and bred Parisian – he can recite Corneille and Baudelaire by heart.

He’s a Sorbonne history major and his memory is so insanely good that he knows just about everything about everything. He’s passionate about movies and is always discovering new movies and fantastic anecdotes for our tours.

Favorite Movie Set in Paris: Casablanca and Charade (couldn’t decide between the two)

Favorite Parisian Food: Real Parisian Croissant

Favorite Area in Paris:  Rue Colombe & Place de la Contrescarpe

Dislikes:  People that answer yes to ‘tea or coffee’

Jinx & Yoda: Antoine’s two adorable pugs are regulars at the office – helping greet clients

 Charlie – Tour Guide

Charlie is a charming, cheeky English gentleman that specialized in history.   He has an old soul.  He’s always out and about discovering new places, people and stories around Paris.

Favorite Movie Set in Paris: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Favorite Parisian Food:  Savory crêpes on Rue Mouffetard

Favorite Area in Paris: Marais

Dislikes: Heights


 Laura – Tour Guide

Laura moved to Paris for a year abroad and quickly decided that this was home. She’s now happily ensconced among the cobblestones, and spends her time telling stories, whether on paper through her work as a freelance writer, or in person as a tour guide, and loves every minute of it.

Favorite Movie Set in Paris:  Ratatouille

Favorite Parisian Food: Pain au Chocolat

Favorite Area in Paris:  Latin Quarter (because there is so much history and it is also where are our office is!)

Dislikes:  Negativity


gabrielleGabriella – Spanish Tour Guide

Gabriella is passionate about tourism, specialising in the subject at the reknowned Sorbonne university. She hails from Argentina and runs all our Spanish tours.

Favorite Movie Set in Paris: Before Sunset

Favorite Parisian Food: Paris Brest (praline patisserie)

Favorite Area in Paris: M&M – Montmartre & Montparnasse

Dislikes: Injustice

 Louis XVIII – Best Puppy Ever

Louis is our French Bulldog mascot who’s head of client greeting and puppy hugs.  He works at Set in Paris because he loves nothing more than sharing his local tips (though not his food!).

Favorite Movie in Paris:  A Man and his Dog (also the scene in Madeline where the dog rescues her from the Seine)

Favorite Parisian Food: Being served paté with a fork by our staff

Favorite Area in Paris:  Down by the Seine riverbank meeting new dogs

Dislikes:  Most Paris parks that don’t allow dogs 🙁

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