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Is lingerie shopping on your list of things to do this weekend? What about a ladies’ night? Romantic dining for two? No matter your agenda, there is surely something for you to choose from in Naughty Paris.

There is no better way to experience the City of Light than with native Parisians, and what is the next best thing? A guide written specifically for those looking for a “naughty” time! Written by Heather Stimmler-Hall, this Gold Medal Award Winner of a book is a most informative guide to the French capital and all of the secret pleasures that it beholds. Although Heather is native to Arizona, she has been settled in Paris since 1995. Currently she resides in the 13th arrondissement (not a typical tourist destination, much like many of the spots featured in her book.)

Heather is an established writer, being featured in guides such as Michelin Green Guides, and, Fodors, and magazines such as Elle. She also manages her own website (Secrets of Paris, and newsletter which has been revealing insider tips on Paris for fifteen years now. It was much to her pleasure to self-publish her first book Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the City, and shortly after, Naughty New York: A Lady’s Guide to the City ( Her most recent work is the second edition of Naughty Paris, a completely updated version of the work, with “56 additional pages of insider addresses.”

Reading the book is like walking around with a great girlfriend who is giving you a personal tour showing the deep passion that the city holds. There are several different chapters to the book where you can flip to find anything from “Erotic Education: The French Tongue,” to “Sexy Shows: Eye Candy for Ladies.” Our favorite section? The one where Heather discusses her love for French cinema, of course! Without giving away too much of the guide, it is a must-say that her favorite French film is Le Libertin (Vincent Perez, 2002.) The movie features Audrey Tautou and several other known actors in a risky production that tells the tale of the out-break of sin and nudity in the time of barons and baronesses. (We would expect nothing but an exotic favorite film from an author who’s writing reflects much of the same ideals.)

The personal touch, bubbly friendliness, passion for the city, depth of knowledge and unique ability to adapt to the tour on the fly, make Heather and Secrets of Paris an A++ recommendation for anyone.                 – Secrets of Paris, Tripadvisor review


Here’s a sneak peak at her book:

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For a better look into the outgoing personality of this author have a look at her hilarious appearance on ABC’s What Would You Do? This is definitely a hot book to grab, or even better, book a tour with Heather herself.  Yes! She offers customized tours. (Check out her website for more information:


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