If you have spent any time in Paris, you will have noticed that Parisians adore their pups. They cart them all throughout the streets of Paris, les jardins, salons, stores, and les cafes of course! Just incase you need proof, check out these almost 4,000 euro dog beds/castles on Puppy de Paris.

What I have found most impressive is how well trained the pets are here. Just the other night, I was strolling (like Parisians do) down Rue Saint-Germain and walking opposite of me was a couple se promenadent arm n’ arm. The man held a leash with nothing on the other end (imagine my confusion)—but not far behind trailed a small french bulldog, stoping to sniff this and that but keeping a constant eye on his owner. I have heard many people joke that Parisian dogs are just like their owners, prim and proper, and I have come to see it can be very true!

Looking to bring your pup to Paris? Check out a few reality checks and dog etiquette from the Set in Paris crew:

1. This is how you typically picture yourself prancing fashionably through the streets of Paris thanks to movies and tv shows like Gossip Girl.

Sex & the City Paris

 but Sex & the City gives us a better idea of what its like. The unfortunate reality is that although it is illegal to let your dog do the deed and leave, it happens very often in Paris. BUT apparently if this does happen to you, it supposedly means good luck for the future (well it did for Carrie ;D )!

2. What walking your dog in Paris sometimes looks like

 What walking your dog in Paris usually looks like. Although leashes are supposedly required in public places in Paris, you will notice many sans lassie (without a leash). Not to worry, these dogs are able to easily navigate the very narrow and busy streets of Paris with their owners. Very impressive!

3. What you would expect to see at a typical French Cafe…

What you might not expect (but might actually see). Carrie hilariously shows us again the odd but very true habits of the pampered Parisian pooches. Once again, not to worry, Parisian dogs might be seated in slobber-reach but they mind their own.

Sex & the City Paris

4. It is also not unusual to see pets in the metro. Although only smaller (purse-sized) dogs are allowed on the metro, I have witnessed many larger dogs catching a ride as well.

 5.  And if you’re really lucky and you happen to fall over the Pont au Double, a super cute yellow lab might just come save you like Madeline.


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Pup Friendly Parks: Ironically there are only a select number of parks that allow dogs. Don’t count on your neighborhood parks and gardens to be pet friendly.


  • North End of Tuileries 1st
  • South End Luxembourg Gardens 6th
  • Champe de Mars (NOT on grass—ironic I know) 7th
  • Parc des Buttes-Chaumont 19th
  • Grassy lawn between Pac de Bercy and POPB Stadium, 12th
  • Parc des Buttes-Chaumont 19th
  • Bois de Boulogne & Bois de Vincennes 16th
  • Parc des Montsouris (definitely bring a leash!) 14th
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Here at Set In Paris, we have “adopted” a few mascots of our own! Check out some of our photogenic four-legged friends.

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