“Set in Paris” was thrilled to be invited to The Popcorn Project on January 26th.  The perfect mixture of a social soirée and film screenings, The Popcorn Project is an awesome event for Parisians and cinephiles alike.

Each month, the event “La PopCorn – Ciné Cocktail and DJ Set” is held on a Sunday evening at Le Club de L’Etoile, situated right off of Champs Elysée, around the corner from the L’Arc de Triomphe. The house was packed with friendly and enthusiastic viewers, mingling before and after a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense masterpiece Psycho. The venue was adorned with champagne and cocktails, catered food and sweet desserts, and of course as the organization denotes, popcorn.

The Popcorn Project was launched in May 2011 by founders Alexandre Paquot and Samuel Mottet, and is proud to be entering its third running season. The organization has received lots of praise, publicity and turnouts throughout the city, and has been featured in an array of print including Studio Live, Vivre Paris, BBC Travel, Grazia Paris, La Nouvel Observateur, My Little Paris, and Le Faigaro.

Once a month, the event revolves around a new cinematic theme; Psycho falling under the category of Sueurs Froids (or “cold sweats”), and the attendees are encouraged to cast their votes for their choice of film in-between events, given the next month’s theme; the most popular choice earning its projection on the screen. Psycho took the win against tough competition including Kubrick’s classic The Shining (which reveals the range of film-era and style that the attendees can experience in the theater again, or perhaps for the first time!). On February 23rd, the night will revolve around a theme of Femmes Fatales, with a screening of director Curtis Hanson‘s 1997 neo-noir film L.A. Confidential.

Psycho was introduced with a short film titled Roméo, by young http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/propecia/ director Christophe Ducruet, a film student at L’École Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation, which was a treat for both the audience and the short film’s creator. The before- and after-party had various flavors of popcorn provided by Papy Popcorn, with food and snacks catered by Tartes Kluger, which is freshly prepared on-location in their Foodtrucks. The endless desserts are provided by for those with a sweet-tooth, and the beer by Demory Paris. The ambiance of the crowd and setting is perfect, with people socializing on balconies that stretch around the building, and overlook the classic Parisian-style cinema on the lower floor, where people eventually seat themselves before the lights go down and the films commence. Did I mention that these events are regularly accentuated by the spinning of local DJ’s? (DJ Monsieur BARBE provided music for the most recent event).

The Popcorn Project has conceived something special, and Set in Paris strongly encourages you to take a look at their website and Facebook page to discover more information, and to plan your own visit! Reservations must be made in advance, with bundles of tickets for FOUR to attend set at €99. No better way to spend a Sunday night in the city where film was born! The Popcorn Project also organizes monthly events in the same fashion and spirit, under the name of “La Bobine”, a self-described “Ciné-Apéro” experience held in varying ciné-restaurant settings. The next “La Bobine” is set for Tuesday March 4th, at the Restaurant Les Bobines (do not let the coincidental names confuse you!). The previous “Bobine” screening was the Marilyn Monroe-studded classic Some Like It Hot.

Keep an eye out for Set in Paris’ further coverage of news and details regarding The Popcorn Project!


Website: popcorn-project.com
Facebook: facebook.com/cinemasocialclub
Twitter: twitter.com/#!/PopCornProject

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