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This glittery red gift box with gold Maxim's de Paris ribbon contains 36 assorted chocolate squares, individually wrapped in varying shades of red.

Inside you'll discover milk chocolate squares covered with crunchy cereal, dark chocolate mixed with orange nuggets and bien sûr, a spicy milk chocolate square.


In the Belle Epoque-style that is associated with Maxim's, these mini tin box houses feature stylish 1920s figures in lavish costumes outside the iconic Art Nouveau doors of Maxim's restaurant.  6 chocolates: each house contains one dark chocolate fondant and one milk chocolate rocher with hazelnut & praline.

A small red ribbon on top (not shown in photo) lets you hang the boxes up as a lovely momento.  Even give individually to check three presents off your list in one swoop!

15 Chocolate Squares, individually wrapped in an sleek presentation tin box.  Choose from a red & gold presentation tin with milk chocolate with praline squares or a black & gold presentation tin filled with dark chocolate squares.

The tin itself is a great pencil case shape with curved edges, perfect for storing pencils or jewelry long after the chocolate has been devoured!


Exactly what's been missing in your life.... a well dressed bar of dark chocolate carrying the image of a suave dog Karl Lagerfeld. The perfect gift for any fashionista, this salute to Lagerfeld, who has taken the brand of Chanel into a new era, is hilarious and simply so sweet.

*No animals were harmed in the making of this chocolate.


Exactly what has been missing in your life... a well-dressed dark chocolate bar of a cat Coco Chanel. Dressed to the nines and ready to take Paris by storm.

*No animals were harmed in the making of this chocolate.


A stunning set of 4 Maxim's mini-porcelain cups with 16 assorted chocolate squares:  dark chocolate with cocoa beans, milk chocolate with pralines, milk chocolate with caramel and white chocolate with lemon.

The best part about this chocolate gift set (besides the chocolate itself, obviously) is the divine cups that make a great addition to any dining table or mantlepiece.  Featuring varying shades of red (tanga pink, purple, deep burgundy, blood red and wine grape), each cup features a different drawing of a dancing figure in Maxim's typical Belle Epoque-style.  Each cup contains one of the four chocolate flavors.

Makes an ideal gift set or divide them up and give each one individually.


18 dark chocolate tiles sprinkled with hazelnut chips in an elegant Maxim's red & black cylinder-shaed tin.

The container makes a beautiful tin for keeping pencils or straws after all the chocolate goes!

  • Trivia: Poetically described on the tin as 'Tuiles au chocolate noir et éclats de noisettes', literally meaning chocolate tiles with bursts of hazelnut.   Think Le Jardin de Tuileries in Paris, just next to the original Maxim's restaurant: the word tuileries (feminine plural of tuilerie) means the place for manufacturing tiles.  The name comes from the tile kilns which were the originally occupants of the site before the palace and currently, the garden itself.


The perfect souvenir for Paris lovers, featuring 14 individually wrapped fine lace crepes dipped in milk chocolate.  Bring him an Eiffel Tower with a chocolate twist.

This Maxim's chocolate tin will last long after the chocolate's been devoured.  A great addition to your mantel piece to store little trinkets or even more chocolate!


A marvellous collection of all the best of Maxim's chocolate in a shiny elegant red & black rectangular tin box. The box itself along with the mini-tin house, pencil,  egg and heart box all each make a wonderful keepsakes in themselves.   An assortment of chocolate as well as a mini-jar of marmalade jam.

A card box of 4 French truffles pure cocoa butter - 34g A gold mini-heart of sugar coated hearts filled with milk and dark chocolate - 50g A mini-jar of bitter orange marmalade - 42g A mini oval tin of hazelnuts coated with milk chocolate - 40g A red & gold pencil tin of 8 assorted chocolate squares - 40g A red mini-egg tin of milk chocolate amaretto flavour cereal pearls - 50g A small house roof tin containing 2 chocolates - 18g


A great introduction to French confectionery, this presentation box contains a fine assortment of four French specialities: calissons from Provence*, salted butter toffees, cherry and pear fruit jellies, vanilla and raspberry flavored nougats.   This presentation box contains 8 of each speciality (a mix of flavors) with a total of 32 pieces.

*a traditional French candy consisting of a smooth, pale yellow paste of candied fruit and ground almonds topped with a thin layer of royal icing

Exactly what you've been missing your whole life...a well-dressed dark chocolate bar of cats and dogs styled over as your favorite celebrity.

*No animals were harmed in the making of this chocolate.



A collection of 5 Maxim's delicacies brought together in an elegant zipped pouch...ahem, make-up bag! Two in one - chocolate and a sophisticated make-up bag!  What more could a girl want!

A black mini-egg tin of dark chocolate amaretto-flavored cereal pearls, a black tin of dark chocolate pearls, a gift-pack of 8 milk chocolate squares with hazelnut pieces, a mini-jar of strawberry jam and a red mini-heart tin of sugar-coated hearts filled with milk and dark chocolate.

Bag depicts an elegant lady dining at `Maxims, surrounded by 3 men in tuxedos with the Maxim's restaurant, Place Concorde and the Eiffel Tower in the background.


THE ultimate gift box for the chocolate lover in your life...even if that happens to be you!  A great Made in France gift...or keep the box for yourself and give each packaged item individually (6 gifts in 1).

A great selection of all that makes Maxim's French chocolates so wonderful, all in a beautifully presented black hatbox with shiny red Maxim's logo.  Inside you'll find a black mini-egg tin that opens to reveal dark chocolate amaretto-flavored cereal pearls, a black sleek tin box with 15 dark chocolate squares, a box of dark chocolate-coated lace crêpes, a jar of chestnut & vanilla cream and two gold bags (with almonds coated with milk chocolate and salted butter toffees).


An adorable classic Maxim's de Paris red mini-hatbox complete with gold ribbon and a bow, brimming with 10 French caramel truffles, all individually wrapped.

The round box itself (stiff cardboard box covered with red snakeskin faux-leather and gold foil stamping) makes for the perfect jewelry box - every time you open it, you'll be reminded of Paris.

Good things come in small packages!


The striking Ultimate Paris gift box brimming with chocolate won't go unnoticed and is sure to go down a treat.  Each individual item comes in its own lovely packaging. 

Gift set includes all the best of Maxim's de Paris chocolate: a Paris box of 8 assorted chocolates, a box of 18 milk chocolate coated lace crêpes, an egg-shaped tin of milk chocolate balls truffles with crunchy praline, a red heart tin of milk chocolate with tender nougat, a red mini oval tin of hazelnut coated with milk chocolate and an Eiffel Tower tin of 12 milk chocolate lace crêpes with creme brûlée flavoring.

The large red box itself in classic Maxim's de Paris colors (with faux leather crocodile-print and gold foil Maxim's logo) is a striking addition to any home.