Who wouldn’t want to spend the day walking around a beautiful city, playing with the world’s cutest pups? We jumped at the chance to take a closer look at a profession that is becoming increasingly popular—Dog Walking. So much so that it even has a place in the movie world:

JLo rocks the dog walking profession in Monster-in-Lawand meets her prince charming because of it (maybe I chose the wrong occupation). Speaking of switching professions…that is exactly what Rose, played by Toni Colette, decides to do in the film In Her Shoes, about a rocky relationship of two very different sisters (recommended). In the 2002 film, The DogwalkerPamela Gordon plays Besty, a professional dog walker, who finds herself training more than just dogs.

Check out our behind the scenes look at dog walking in Paris. You might just consider changing your profession too! 



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Last week, the Set in Paris team had the highest privilege of shadowing a—no THE dog walker of Paris, Koffi! We are serious dog lovers here at SIP (we encourage visits of the puppy variety) and when we witnessed Koffi in action, we wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to share his amazing skills and our pictures with you.

Koffi, who has two dogs of his own, has been training and walking dogs in Paris going on four years now. He started with my personal favorite, (although I’m biased) Colt, a beautiful golden retriever, then added another, then another, and then another. Now, when he’s not training dogs on the weekend, he walks anywhere from 10-15 dogs each day. Koffi is no ordinary dog walker, these dogs are so well trained that he only has two on a leash, oh excuse me—three if you count Flash, a dog who walks another dog! I promise that I am not pulling your leg; see the pictures below for evidence of this amazing pup.

If you are looking for a ridiculously TALENTED dog walker/trainer:

Koffi’s contact info: 06 03 86 76 35


Photo cred: Tsil Rah

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Flash carries the leash in his mouth when walking, and if he has to wait at a stop light, he drops the leash and steps on it—that dog is not going anywhere on Flash’s watch. Koffi tells us that he and his colleague are training other dogs to do this same amazing trick. Pretty soon they will be walking 20+, lookout streets of Paris!

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