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The French are famous for having a great beauty routine and understanding the importance of self care. Turn your daily bath into a luxurious and romantic spa-grade ritual with these sweetly scented bath pearls. This clear gift package includes fifteen pearls that melt into warm water to surround the senses with a delicate and delicious aroma, while adding luminosity and moisture to the skin.

Avaliable in two scents: vanilla or a floral/coconut scent "monoi"


This decorative gift set comes in an super cute mini bathtub that you can use and reuse as an adorable storage option in your bathroom. Inside the tub, you will find a loofa, two of our super sweet macaron soaps, and a box of fifteen luxurious bath pearls. Perfect for a gift or to pamper yourself, inspire yourself to slow down and enjoy life the French way.

Let them eat cake! ...Or at least bathe in it. Drop one of these beautifully scented bath bomb cupcakes in your bathtub for a decadent bath treat. The cupcake is a typical bath bomb that will fizz in warm water and produce a heavenly scent. Bath time isn't just for kids anymore, adults of all ages will love these playful and luxurious treats. We know Marie Antoinette would've adored these little cupcakes too.

Two scents available: white (rose and creme), or purple (apple swirl).

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Green crystals, 18k gold-plated loops.


Red crystals, 18k gold-plated loops.


Handcrafted by a local designer, this collection of jewelry is inspired by Paris, the 1920s, and Coco Chanel. The combination of this necklace with pearls, crystals, and gold creates the classic vintage look. Pair this necklace with a simple black dress for an easy outfit that looks timeless, effortless, and so chic.


Glassbeads, natural crystals, rose resin. Hand Made in Paris


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The Château d'Estoublon is famous in France today for its exceptional Les Baux-de-Provence olive oil and its tannic wine, both produced on this estate where passion and perfection are paramount. Five varieties of olives are included in the blend, creating the recognizable flavour of the French olive oil prepared at Château d’Estoublon. The expertise, philosophy and soul of this great oil-producing estate come together in this chic bottle, combining classic French charm and gourmet taste.


This glittery red gift box with gold Maxim's de Paris ribbon contains 36 assorted chocolate squares, individually wrapped in varying shades of red.

Inside you'll discover milk chocolate squares covered with crunchy cereal, dark chocolate mixed with orange nuggets and bien sûr, a spicy milk chocolate square.


In the Belle Epoque-style that is associated with Maxim's, these mini tin box houses feature stylish 1920s figures in lavish costumes outside the iconic Art Nouveau doors of Maxim's restaurant.  6 chocolates: each house contains one dark chocolate fondant and one milk chocolate rocher with hazelnut & praline.

A small red ribbon on top (not shown in photo) lets you hang the boxes up as a lovely momento.  Even give individually to check three presents off your list in one swoop!


Bring a touch of Paris to your home.  This adorable box of flavored sugars, shaped in stars, flowers, and hearts, are perfect additions to coffee or tea, and are even delicious on their own. Flavors include coco, coffee, and vanilla. Made with artisan French sugar, these classically Parisian treats are a chic addition to your table.

Hand-made in France at Château de Cornou.