you watched Midnight in Paris and when Léa Seydoux tells Owen Wilson that she has always found Paris to be more beautiful in the rain,

Thankfully, like a Ladurée macaroon at tea time, we are here to brighten your cloudy day. Hop in your very own vintage french car and let us take you back in time. Dwelve into the secret corners of the fifth district and see two eras merge into an epic journey, from the mazy streets where one of your favorite authors must have lived to the latest hotspots where actors that brought them to life on the big screen enjoy a true slice of the parisian lifestyle.

Continue forward, seize Paris herself when you add to all the stories that forged the city your own everlasting memory. From the sumptuous red couches of Maxim’s to the art nouveau salon of the Grand Véfour step into the footprint of the great minds, men and women that built this town and once inspired write your own page in this giant book of history called the ” Ville Lumière”.

Join us on this Midnight in Paris tour for a unique experience of the magic of the 1920s, the Lost Generation and “Paris in the rain.”

See where Owen Wilson’s character walked along the Seine and found the car that transported him through time among with many other locations!

Guests will have a 3 hour driving tour through Paris in a vintage car, complete with a champagne toast and an ice cream break! You will be able to see where Owen Wilson found Fitzgerald and Hemingway and where he fell in love with Adriana.  



3/hour chauffeured tour

By request

PRICE (per person)



Includes ice cream and champagne



Set In Paris Box Office



Visit Gil’s Paris:

– Go back in time in a vintage car

– Enjoy a Berthillon ice cream on Ile Saint-Louis

– The restaurants of the Belle Epoque

– The writers houses of the lost generation

– The Thinker by Rodin and the Waterlilies by Monet