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What better backdrop for a proposal than Paris? Exactly what the advertisement managers at Cartier had in mind when filming their most recent diamond ring advertisement released on Valentines Day 2015.

Opening with a scenic view of the Eiffel tower (because of course, when filming in Paris you MUST include a shot of the Eiffel tower,) this five minute advertisement follows the love story of three young couples in Paris.

The two most notable spots in the short film are the Musee Rodin and the Charles de Gaulle Airport. The third story is filmed In a French style elevator at a philarmonic concert hall (Philarmonie de Paris).


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What is interesting about filming in the Charles de Gaulle airport is that it is the tenth busiest airport in the entire world (second in Europe – behind London.) This poses quite the problem for film makers trying to get a clear scene in one of the most populated areas on the globe. Sneaking away to a small corner near a boarding gate Cartier makes it happen. The only thing that a girl loves better than flying away for an adventure on her own, is having her best friend permanently seated on her left ring finger the whole way.

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Next stop of the monumental tour is the Musee Rodin. And what better place to make a proposal than in a castle that houses some of the most significant creations from Rodin himself. Grabbing his little read Cartier box, from the hand of The Thinker, this man gets down on one knee in one of the most extensive and natural museum gardens in Paris. Picture-esque to say the least.


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Of course, all three stories have a happy ending. Because who wouldn’t like to end their Valentine’s Day with a diamond?



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Which brings us to another Cartier ad, although not released as recently, just as, if not more heartwarming. This story of two love birds takes place at the Opera House in Bastille. This clip is set in modern day with flashbacks thrown in which is a nice asset to the scenery as well. I won’t ruin anymore about this one because if you watch it for yourself if it sure to bring a tear to your eye.


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Cartier is no stranger to the commercial production scene – L’Odysee de Cartier was another advertisement that they released circa 2012 to celebrate the 165th anniversary of the company. Calling it a commercial however does not do this small production justice. Wanting to leave a lasting impression in the public, Cartier spent two years producing this three and a half minute journey following their iconic panther as she makes her way through China, India and Paris.  The most interesting thing about the filming of this short film is that, while typically producers are trying to mimic scenes of Paris in their films, Aveillan (the director,) is actually filming in Paris attempting to recreate scenes from China and India (although also shot in a few other locations as well such as Prague and Spain.) One would never know that the commercial is not actually set in these locations as it has been lawlessly connected while you are mesmerised by not only the beauty and captivity of the jewellery, but the history behind it as well. And, we aren’t the only ones that think so either – L’Odysee de Cartier was featured in the Clio Awards, the D&AD Awards, and the International Andy Awards in 2013 in recognition especially of the commercials impeccable special effects.

For a company that works with jewels for a living, it is not a surprise that they did exceptionally well utilising the scenery in which they originate from in creating the most eye-catching advertisements of spring 2015.

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